13.1 MILES

So this is year Josie (big sis) and Erica (Honorary sis) joined us for the St George 1/2 marathon. This is becoming a fun tradition. I am hoping that we can keep recruiting people to join us for this race. The best part is everything leading up to the race. Like no guilt carb loading at Olive Garden and the chats on the way down. Even the random friends you see while running, like Tara Cooper. I look over and there is a friendly face I hadn't seen for a while...so fun! I grabbed her to say hi, then realized I about pushed her off the course (Sorry Tara) I was just so excited to see her. This year was much warmer than last. It looks so beautiful and sunny, but it was still cold especially after running and you cool down I thought I was going to freeze. Maybe one day we will get Jay down and he can watch the kids while we all go get massaged or pedicures after. I should put a sign up list on the blog for anyone looking to join us next year. (13.1 miles once a year is about all I can handle:)


Tara said...

No worries on the gentle "push" I was just so happy you saw me! Let's definately make this a tradition and convince our husbands to watch the kids while we pamper ourselves afterward! Golfing can wait!

Richard, Angi and Fam said...

How fun that you guys saw each other!! That is so cool. I am jealous that you guys can run a 1/2 marathon good for you!!!! We need to get together , maybe we should all do something on Valentines!!!