Christmas in Idaho

So as I catch up to January, I have decided I really need to start taking more pictures and better pictures. I only have a few pictures from Christmas break. Santa brought Christmas to the cabin this year. It was quite a chore to get there in all our craziness but once there Christmas was magical. Dad made the cabin absolutely adorable. From the decorations to the gingerbread cookies it was a perfect holiday. It was nice that Chad and Emily have their cabin so close and let us stay there. With Grandma and Grandpa's Cabin Mom and Dads and Chad and Emily's it makes for very comfortable arrangements. We had planned to come home earlier, but didn't want to leave and stayed till Jay had to be back at work. Ashtyn and Alayna played on Chad's little kid snowmobiles (125s). Ashtyn loved racing her cousins around the track. Alayna ran into the cabin and decided she would just ride with Ashtyn. I took them for a cross country ski and Ashtyn really enjoyed it, I think mostly because Alayna lost interest real fast so she had rare one on one with mom. When we took them up to Grand Targhee Alayna really took to the down hill skiing. Ashtyn is old enough to understands gravity. I can't wait to get them back up on the hill. Jay and Grandpa took on the task of the annual snow fort and were so proud of making it structurally sound. Ashtyn and Alayna were in charge of getting the icicles and Paulo was in charge of getting in the way. Paulo had so much fun running through the 4 feet of snow. He didn't even seem to mind the bitter cold. Dad and Mom said they would watch the kids on our anniversary (Dad would take Jacob Mom would have Ashtyn and they would tag team Alayna:) But after 10 years we just being with family was all we really wanted to do for our anniversary. So we hung out next to the fire in M & D's cabin and watched meet the robinsons and life couldn't be better.

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The Richhart Family said...

I just love your slide show! I'll have to try that. I'm catching up too. What a fun Christmas.