The Kids Spring Break

After 2 weeks of spring break, Ashtyn is back to school, Jay is in the middle of spring ball and Alayna will go back to preschool tomorrow. It is crazy how our bodies have protested this break by getting sick. I was feeling like we had been healthy all season until the past week and a half. I was so squeaky singing in primary yesterday, but the kids didn't seem to mind. I think I almost have my normal voice back (probably because I don't have as many people to talk to now)

Ashtyn had a bug the first of the week and Jacob is like me at the tail end of this junk. So since we were sick, we had to put our plans of going to Idaho on hold. Hopefully we will make it up there this weekend. We were able to enjoy a lazy week here at home. Tuesday the girls and I went up skiing at Alta. It is so fun to be able to do things like that with them. I wish I would have been on the ball more this year and would have taken them more often. I guess there is still plenty of snow....

After a few hours of picking up, carrying up and chasing down these crazy kids, I was pooped!

Maybe I will should take them one at a time for the next few times.

In between snow storms we had warm beautiful days. Alayna LOVES to go and feed the sheep across the street. If we are outside she will be asking to go see the sheep. They are very friendly. You can always tell when spring is coming, because we see lots of people from our neighborhood coming to see the baby lambs. They are so cute and there are so many.

" Come here baby lamb...I wish there wasn't a fence so I could love you and hold you and {{squeeze}} you until....." Alayna's altar ego.....Elmyra (Tiny Toons)

Paulo loves the lambs too. Please notice his elizbethan collar is off, the ingrown hair removed and scabs from his eyes are mostly healed. He is so excited to get off his leash and have more room to run in Idaho :)

I love working in the yard and was able to get a little pruning and weeding done, Jay fertilized and had the lawn aerated. I am ready to start planting but I think weather wise it is still a little premature. "For example" we planted a little weeping j. maple and it was covered in snow this morning. I really hope I didn't kill it. Maybe 'Joy in the Garden' can help me.

Jay would have liked to go golfing a few more times, but practicing in the yard was second best. It is so funny to watch the girls. Ashtyn is pretty good and can hit pretty well. Alayna likes being able to do what everyone else is doing and I just stink! After whiffing it every other time I usually give up. Jay and I snuck over to the course when we were supposed to be getting a movie (Jays mom and dad were tending) and He tried to school me up. I don't whiff it as much as I used to, but I don't see this as my hobby in the near future.

Alayna taking after her mom. The ball is still on the ground after the swing. "It's o.k. Alayna, mom does that too..."

Wahoo! She hit it. Sad that a 3 yr old can have more coordination than I. Sad, but not surprising

Posing for the camera, pretending to swing.

No this is not a pose. Alayna, might get hit. The ball probably won't and the lovely snow boots I am wearing top off the ridiculous picture. I should stick to yard work and leave the whiffle ball training to the kids (Jay included)


Tara said...

Hope your feeling better! You and Cole can attend Thanksgiving Point garden series classes:) He's been in the yard nonstop. Love the golfing picture, it's ok you can be modest about your pro skills! We missed you at Angi's the other night! GNO coming up soon!!

snakeriverwalton said...

It's just a good thing that you still have your snow boots out! I'm sick of it!

Heather Bergsjo said...

Yeah people are playing ouside!