saturdays at the home depot

I love a project and would love for my kids to share the same passion, so....both Lowes and Home Depot have little building kits on different Saturdays of the month. The first sat of the month is at H.D. This sat the girls were particularly excited because we have not been for months. They are so funny. When they get to the store they think they are so big and go right to the kid spot. They think they are in the hardware "know how" and get right down to hammering. Before we left the house Ashtyn was sure that if you are going to build something you need a hat, so she put hers on and went searching for Alayna's, but Alayna had already found the one she wanted. (It was so cute on Ashtyn when she was 2 and wore it with the matching outfit. I just never pictured it 2 sizes too small on a raggin muffin with chapped lips) But if you know Alayna, it was going to stay on. We had already gone the rounds on her clothes. I don't look forward to her sense of fashion in jr. high.
I wonder if Jacob will have to "get ready" to build? I hope he likes hammers as much as the girls.
Alayna likes to do it by herself.
Ashtyn is quite the pro. They made these cute little planter boxes. When we get home they painted and glittered them lovely. I don't think Jacob will want to glitter his projects?? Next month at H.D. they get to make a pencil holder, so fun. The best part is I get a trip to the H.D. or Lowes with happy, excited kids who don't seem to mind walking through the store after their projects are done.


Heather Bergsjo said...

I need to take the boys there. They would have a blast! Cute pictures!

snakeriverwalton said...

we want to go with you next month.

Alison said...

That sounds like so much fun! I am definitely going to try to take the kids one day!

da linfords said...

That looks like so much fun. When did you start taking the girls there? I wonder if Mack is too young... maybe I'll just try and see how it goes.

Tara said...

Thanks for the great idea, I need to take my boys to Lowe's or H.D. since it's right down the road! It must be the 2nd born who fights with the clothes issue, Creyton refuses to wear levi's. He will only wear "football pants" and jerseys. I guess as long as they're comfy!