Amber Alert?

I love having my little sister close enough that we can play. We signed the girls up for the half time spectacular at the CSU / Utah football game. They practice the friday night before for FOUR hours then perform during half time. Last year I watched the ENTIRE 4 hours and about went insane but I didn't dare leave my sweet "do as she will" 3 year old. This year Emily and I sat around for the firs 25 minutes or so and decided chasing Jacob through hundreds of dancer/cheerleaders was not much fun. We left to dinner and to shop. I was not sure who was more brave, Kennedy for staying by herself or Emily for leaving... (Although, Kennedy was not informed her mom was leaving) As we were at dinner Jay called to find out where the girls were so he could go see them. He called as he was leaving to tell us that he was so unimpressed with the cheer and dance teams "camp" (As the football summer camp director he is particularly critical.) He told us "Aspen, Ashtyn and Alayna were doing great and having fun so it was worth the money spent". I asked if he saw Kennedy (Emily's daughter). "OOPS! I forgot she was there..." Emily started dialing for an Amber Alert wondering if she would ever see her little girl again. I begged Jay to 'run so fast' and just check to make sure she was still there, but he was late for meetings and was already running to his car. We still had about an hour and a half before the practice was over and we really didn't want to have to sit in the crowded room any longer than was necessary so we continued to shop. Emily the whole time thinking and talking about needing to call for an Amber Alert. It was so much fun to be able to go shopping with her and be silly. When we did arrive back at the practice Kennedy had missed her mom, but was just fine. No Amber Alert needed. Kennedy and Alayna were in awe of the amazing stunts the girls were doing. Here are some pics of the girls stretching. The best pictures are those of Kennedy on Emily's camera. That girl can stretch:)
Fun for kids and fun for sisters (see here:)


snakeriverwalton said...

Love the new sidebar picture, but it needs to be bigger. Also, loved the first of the "r"s on your sister's blog. You look so natural!

Brigitte said...

I think it's kinda funny Emily debated calling the police..... and then went back to shopping. HAHA. That was pretty brave though! I totally would have done the same thing though.