Dream Car

When I was first married I said I would never want anything more than a treadmill, a kitchen aid and a good vacuum. Luckily I have it all and am a happy woman. BUT I still love to dream up fantastic dreams and I plan to post many of my 'dreams' in the near future. Emily and I used to always dream up so many things and I wish I had recorded it all. So I dedicate the first of many future dream posts to Emily.

This dream post is of my dream car. For years and years I have loved this car. It is an AMC Eagle. You might think I am joking or being sarcastic but I am DEAD SERIOUS! I LOVE the lines and dream of the day when I can own one and work on it in my garage. Sometimes when I am at pep boys or auto zone and stop to look at the owners manuals just to see what the engine will look like. I want to 'know' my car. 1 or 2 years ago there was one for sale in Idaho. My dear dad who knows how much I would love one of these babies called to let me know he had bartered them down to $200. TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS! Jay said absolutely not. I have kicked myself ever since, I don't know the next time I will find such a cherry deal...... You can bet your pretty pants I would be driving that baby right now to soccer practice, dance lessons and the grocery store. That particular one was powder blue, which I am fine with I would have probably re painted it to be that same light baby blue color. BUT I also really like the look of the following one. Navy with the wood paneling. Definitely one of my top 3 paint choices.

You may not know this, but in the 1980s this was a very forward thinking car. It was one of the first SUV crossover type cars. It is on a Jeep frame but has a car like body. It has 4 wheel drive but maneuvers like a car. You can drive it off road or parking lot style. SO versatile! And look at the door handles! How cool are they? One day, it may have to be without Jay's consent you will see me "Fly like an eagle..." in my AMC. And you can bet there will some sweet Steve Miller Band playin through the speakers :)

I believe this is why I have the car I have. As you can see in "split screen" "look a like" mode, my acura MDX looks as close as you can get to one of these beauties without the marital stress of actually purchasing one :( So until the day when my dreams come true I will love and take care of my sweet 'look a like an eagle' MDX.


katie t said...

...the sad thing, or happy in your case...but the sad thing is that i was thinking this same thing. "that looks kind of like my MDX".

i hear you. my dream car was an old toyota landcruiser. one of th old old school ones and it would be the color green or yellow.


snakeriverwalton said...

my friend Dee had an Eagle and it was AWESOME! I had a powder blue bug and my brother had a yellow landcruiser--- wierd

The Rudy Family said...

Seriously? You are totally funny. I just want a caddy with shiny rims. I don't want to do any work on it! Do you change brakes? I need some on my car (a crossover SUV as well!)

The Brockbanks said...

I love it! You are hilarious. My grandma had a station wagon that was green with the wood panels on the side. I loved that car!! I love the post about your kids answers to your questions. What a compliment to you. You are a great mom:) We still need to find some funny pictures for a cake and get together for dinner.

Tara said...

You are so funny Sara, I truly hope you can have your dream car someday! We'll give Jay a hard time and guilt trip until he caves- I mean $200 and it could've been yours?!? That's crazy how much I thought it looked like your Acura when I saw the first photo, weird...I'll be sure to ask for a ride in your finished "project" :)