Gimmicks or not, the UTES pull off another amazing win! It has been a while since I have done a game post, but just so you know ALL the games between this post and the last game post we have WON! :)

So here are the top ten highlights of the TCU VS UTAH football game:

#10 Reading Ashtyn's sign she made for the game

Ummm, yes it says 'even Obama likes the Utes' and 'Babies are better than TCU' oh and Undefeatable....Where does she come up with this stuff?

#9 Hot Chocolate on arrival.

#8 Alayna's red hair, sign and singing (London Bridges, of course)

#7 Being a part of the University of Utah's first ever blackout

#6 Sharing Costa Vida with Emily

#5 Beating 11 ranked TCU with only 48 seconds left

#4 Seeing a very happy and very cute Jay Hill wink at me
#3 Being at the game with my girls cheering for the Utes and Jay And Jacob home asleep...:)

#2 Emily and I being told by the fan behind us at the end of the game, "You two are more fun to watch than the game"


#1 Highlight to the Utah vs TCU win

Jay still has a job! Wahoo!


Ali Jones said...

I love it!! Ryan was at home in bed too, it made the game so much more fun for us!

katie t said...

u and utah can go #@*&%*^& &%% %(^%(^))(!!!!


can you come and hang out soon???

Anthony said...

The game was so much fun to watch. I love the new Black uniforms. Made me wish Tony had um. I was glad to watch the game from our house. Looked cold (although I admit I am a complete pansy when it comes to the cold now)!

snakeriverwalton said...

Go Utes!

Hillary said...

I can't believe how much you and Emily look like eachother, I guess I never noticed it before. GO UTES! I love the picture of Jay he was definately a happy coach. You look great I love your hair color!