Most of the time I LOVE Halloween. I love that kids are so excited the day the calendar turns from September to October. 30 days of anticipation. There are a few days in October that I think, "man, I wish this holiday would just hurry up and get here so my kids can stop planning it". BUT most of the month I am right along with them. I was excited to go to Emily's neighborhood, dress up and have a ghoulish time. The passing of my Grandpa changed our plans. Halloween for Me, my brother and 2 sisters was spent in Ft Collins for his memorial. For our sibling Halloween adventure you can go to my albums on facebook. click here.

Luckily for me leading up to Halloween the kids had lots of opportunities to wear their costumes. From school parades and trunk or treat, they had quite the week of festivities. It was much easier to leave them knowing we had already done the costume drill multiple times. Here are a few of those practice drills leading up to the real deal.

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Hillary said...

Cute!cute!cute! Loved the halloween costumes the kids all looked great. I love Ashtyn's look with her cape out, she looks like the "real thing"