December Chapter 4 (actually Jan2 GAME DAY!)


Utah 31 Alabama 17

When we pulled up to the SUPER DOME it was thrilling to see all the Utah fans lining up to go inside. Utah had a FABULOUS fan showing!

The second best part of this game (second to rolling over the tide!) Was the pregame party they had for us. There was great live music, both the Bama band and Utah band came and pepped every one up. The girls had their caricatures drawn and our faces painted, airbrushed U tattoos, We were green screened onto the field (I hope to eventually scan those pics in) And a large open place for Jacob to dance, run, stomp, crawl and get all his energy out which eventually led to a nap in the 3rd quarter. He loved the cheerleaders and got some good flirting in with the Alabama squad. He enjoyed being the entertainment and he would do his little stomp dance.

As we walked in Alabama had all sorts of pennants and sweatbands, fingers, noise makers and I said to one of the Sugar Bowl members I was looking for ours. She sheepishly said they had spelled something wrong and were going to remove all of Alabamas so it would be fair. It ended up that they just put Utahs stuff out and everything had Uthes written on it. Check ebay, you may be able to get your own Uthes pennant

What an amazing atmosphere. Like nothing I have ever experienced!

Jay and his specialists. We will miss Louie!

Jay and his Tight Ends

After the game we returned to the hotel to a rockstar welcoming. It was the best thing the fans could have done for these players. Getting off the bus to this!

It was thrilling to see the fans show this kind of support for the team!

We had grand plans of celebrating the night away and started in the hospitality room but with the task of packing looming and an 8:00 departure we pooped out on our own party
Jacob was well rested and ready to go first thing. Jay watched him on the bell cart while every one was boarding the buses to go to the airport. I know I am biased, but he is the cutest little boy EVER!

A little benedryl later....

And they all lived happily ever after.
The end
Start saving all your pennies and make plans to join us for our next bowl adventure!


snakeriverwalton said...

I had fun looking at this at work with my friend Rick who is a much bigger fan than I am as well as a current U student.

Tam said...

I cant even begin to tell you how jealous I am! I kept wishing Tony was 10 years younger. The game was terrific and we wish we could have been there!

Wendy said...

What a great time!It's so awesome you and your children can be a part of Jay's work and that it turned out so exciting. I'm not thinking a good day at the oil fields would pack as much fun and excitement!

Tara said...

What great memories to look back on! I'm so jealous, it seemed to be quite the week long party!! Glad you're finally home so we can play...and yes, the pennies are being put in a piggy bank for the next bowl game:)
p.s. still haven't scheduled the appt yet, i'll call after the race- don't want any bad news to think about while we're trying to have fun in st. george:)

katie t said...

though you and i have argued about football and teams...i am so jealous! from an athletic standpoint...these are the greatest moments/events for anyone's careers and the atmosphere? there's nothing like it! again, congrats and i'm glad that you had so much fun.
i feel like i'm being a total poop and a sell out for this weekend but i just can't miss kindra's birthday. you know. and then i'll get to take care of something thats been needing to take place this weekend. i'll feel you in all about it when i get back! have fun! i'll be thinking about you and wishing that i was there but most importantly...be careful!
luv ya and tell jay hi too!

Hillary said...

That was the best game! Tell Jay congrats on an AWESOME season! I kept checking out the fans to see if I could see your cute little family cheering on their dad/team but never saw you. We hope we can see you in the near future, Jacob is getting so big and he is a very cute little guy. I'm so glad you had such a great experience at the game we would have loved to be there. Now we just need our Steelers to make it to the superbowl and we will have a perfect Football season. Go Utes!!