More than dinner and a movie

This year I am on a mission....I have grown bored of the dinner and a movie date. Which usually was I make dinner after I pick up a red box. SO, I decided to take matters into my own hands and each month I make a date for Jay and I to get a babysitter and we go out and do something new, different and fun. I had a few things on my list to get me through the first few months. We will have to see what happens as the ideas run out...

So far, January we started out being tourists in our own state and went to the Sundance film festival. Cole and Tara were good sports and came with us for the adventure.

We were afraid we were going to get skunked on seeing anyone famous until we ran into a friend who got us into HarryOs for FREE and were front and center for Gnarles Barkley . It was so fun to walk up and down main street in park city with the excitement of maybe seeing someone famous and pretending we were young and hip hanging in the club ;)

In February, I made Jay good on his pre-nuptial agreement that he would take me dancing. For years he has claimed we are still married so he still has time fulfill his prenup.

In murray there is a dance center that teaches ballroom. Once again Cole and Tara indulged us with their company. As well as Ryan and Amy. I was so glad they came but I don't know that they were glad they went...She wrote this about the experience. Pretty accurate on the scene description. Although the stuff about Jay and I not exactly as I told her to write, She missed putting in the part about Jay and I winning the dancing with the stars trophy in the next season. JUST JOKING, as far as the dancing goes, next to a 65 year old man and an instructor wearing very worn out merrill shoes you can only imagine....

It was very good marriage therapy as well, we learned a lot about each other. Jay doesn't like to count or listen to the beat of the music and I want to lead.....Once I stopped counting (and listening to the music) and let Jay lead we actually were able to make it through a few phrases. I had a blast, it was exactly what I was wanting to do. Jay keeps saying we will go again....I can't wait ;)

For March we signed up for a rock climbing class. In high school I had a couple friends teach me and when we moved to SLC some friends in our student ward took me to my first outdoor climb. But it has been over 10 years since I had been to a gym and really climbed. Rustin and Teneale signed up with us and went to Momentum Climbing Gym. Our instructor was very good and gave a lot of good pointers. We learned that to get the best grip you want you climbing shoes to be at least 2 sizes smaller than your street shoes. Our instructor wears her shoes 3 1/2 sizes too small! We were dying with just the 2 sizes smaller. It didn't help that 3 days before Jay had a 300lb+ tight end step on his foot and tear his pinky toe partially off. I loved every minute of it. Rustin and Teneale were game to go again and plan to look into the wall at their gym. So they must have enjoyed it. It was great and more than I expected. I will admit I was not very good at "belay" ing (I think that is how you spell it?) Even the instructor said "watch how he is not sure if you have him at the top." She was right, Jay would take forever to let go but then I would let him drop then brake, let him drop, then brake. Even at the end I still didn't have it. But Jay kept climbing up trusting me that I would not completely let go. He on the other hand was very good and the coach in him came out and really helped both Teneale and I get the motion right. Again a little marriage therapy. Learning to trust your spouse is not going to let you fall. It was pretty accurate. Jay is strong and I never doubted his ability to get me down, he did play and let me hang an inch off the floor for a minute. Me on the other hand, I never let Jay fall, but I was very unpredictable. and most times he would just roll his eyes when he would hit the floor ;).

I forgot my camera so there aren't any pictures of us, but here are a few pictures of the gym we went to. There were a ton of people, but the gym was pretty big so it was able to handle them all well.

So on to April. Maybe we will try out the Desert Star Theater in Murray. From what I hear it is a similar setup as the playmill. But they make up their own comedies. Instead of doing Joseph and the amazing technicolor dream coat or see how they run. They are spoofs on Hollywood, like Scary Poppins, Home School Musical and The two upcoming shows,



What is your fantasy date?


snakeriverwalton said...

We should plan Desert Star together with the kids. Ashtyn and Alayna would love it and we could split a sitter for the babes.

Hillary said...

Wow, good for you your dates sound so fun. I'm glad you have good friends to go along with you to all these exciting events. You are always so fun and creative and here you go again.

Wendy said...

Fun, fun, fun!!
We have season tickets with our kids to DS and they love it!
Thanks for your inspiring post.(Well, I thank you-don't know if James will teeheehee!)
Hope all is well on the home front!

katie t said...

i'm still holding out for the GNO to the pole "exercise" gym ....


Richard, Angi and Fam said...

So fun. I need to have that same goal, you know us we are all about dinner and movies, we need to try new things. THanks for the inspiration. I wish you would have gotten more dancing photos!! I am so sorry about Saturday the walk. I am so bummed about it. Please let me know what I need to do to donate cuz I would still love to do something. Have so much fun and let me know how it goes! I will be thinking of you!

Tyler and Sheree said...

I forgot to ask how that went. It looks like you had so much fun. I wished I could have been more helpful, but maybe next year you can come with