St George 1/2

The fourth annual sisters St George 1/2 marathon. I love this run because the course is easy and it gives me a reason to train througout the holidays. This year I did pretty good training until we went to the cabin for a week in Dec only to return with a sinus infection and a cold. I finished with a 10min/mi, which is better than I thought. The few runs I did get in were not so promising. This year they added a Kids run. Ashtyn and Alayna ran a 1/2 mile and Jacob ran 200 meters with Kennedy. It was fun for them to get excited about it. I tried to make a video (the quality is awful and the music is off. There is a little better one youtube) and it is amazing how personalities come out in running as well. Ashtyn started out in a dead sprint, using her arms as dad has told her to and Alayna, well....the video/pictures say it all. "what was I thinking?!?"

Jacob ran but half way through begged me to hold his hand. When I told mom this she said she had a similar experience when She ran with Ben in the fourth grade. He said "mom I think I can make it if you just hold my hand". As a mother those words have such a deep meaning.

The weekend was more than just a run. We enjoyed a massage, shopping, good food, and the very best part, talking and laughing with my sisters (and sister in law, who really should just be called a sister). I am so grateful that even when 2 sisters get to leave their kids at home and one has a husband to help, they all were such great support with my THREE kids and no husband. Chad tended here and there Emily and Emily chased them while we finished the 1/2. Josie and Emily took over and packed me, the girls, the car and cleaned up when I found the 5 foot scratch on my mother in laws hard wood floor and was "freaking out". I loved their stories letting me know I am not alone in all my insecurities, frustrations and successes in parenting.

The run was long but I was so glad to have it over. At mile 10 there was a Man and his son outside his house with their own aid station, water, Gatorade, pretzels, candy, m&ms, and COKE. It made me laugh to see the coke and decided why not. The carbonation on my throat was like magic fairy pixie sparkles. It made me smile for the next 2.5 miles. Back at mile 3 they were passing out tongue depressors of petroleum jelly. I thought What a good idea, for those chaffing arm pits. Well the male in front of me needed one and to my shock did not use it for his arm pit. (eeewww!!!) In the future I will not look at at the used depressor as it is flicked to the side of the trail and I will wear layers of rubber gloves if I ever work a race and have to pick them up.


snakeriverwalton said...

I am so understanding Alayna in that video. I laughed out loud! That would so be me. Loved it.

Rudy Rukus said...

Very cool. I should have hung out with you. I didn't get to do any of those cool things!! I didn't see the coke I must have been too slow but I was soooo happy to see mile ten I knew I could make it from there!!

Emily Kern said...

I had such a good time!!! I loved seeing you and your sweet (and sometimes dramatic) little kidlets!!! I can't wait til we are closer and we can do all kinds of things together!!