Week in review....

Ahhh Friday.
AND tomorrow is supposed to be WARM!
We made it through dance.
Teacher appreciation.
Mrs. Lightfoot has been a Godsend for Alayna.

Had a fun Cinco De Mayo dinner
Chips and Salsa
Rice and Beans (puerto rico style)
Frozen Margaritas

We even WON our soccer game this week.

I have been looking for a loft bed for Jacob for 3-4 months and finally found one in my budget on KSL. I was so excited and called the gal within 2 hours of her posting it. By the time I went to pick it up she had a bunch of back up offers. I was so excited and called Jay 3 times to get the o.k. He of course was busy and said "if it is what you want, get it." So excited I made arrangements to pick it up at 8, which meant Jay could go down with me.
When he got home and saw the picture he made it known it was not what he was expecting or what he wanted for Jacobs room. I was so deflated.
I left without Jay, driving 40 minute long minutes of self discussion just to "look at it"
I Jay wasn't as excited as me how could I bring it home. Plus I wasn't sure I had enough room in my car? After talking it out with the cute seller, I decided it is exactly what I had been looking for, what I wanted and at a great price. If Jay hated it I could turn around and sell it with no problems and we loaded it up. It fit fine in the car and I headed home.
I was so bummed as I was driving down that Jay was not on board. I refuse spending money on something he doesn't love. And the guilt that goes along with it is a whole other story. I don't know how to get over that one. BUT when he looked at it in the garage this morning he didn't barf, or even gag at it. He was pleasantly surprised and happily asked "what color are you going to paint it?" I was not planning to refinish it, but I think it will look great and dark cherry or walnut....

Here's to refinishing and hopefully planting the garden this weekend.

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