Alayna's Party

We had a week long celebration for this 7 year old. I guess that is to make up for last year?? Which is ok since the lesson was learned and her behavior and attitude reflected it. She would check in regularly with me to make sure she was on track to have a friend party this year.

Started on Monday, Jay wanted to take her out for her Birthday Dinner since he would be gone the following night, her actual birthday to a football banquet. He offered a bunch of suggestions and She picked IHOP. (Jacob kept requesting Tepen-honkeys)

On her actual day I picked her up from school and took her to lunch with Jay.
Jay begged me to keep her up and wait to do cake and presents when he got home from the banquet at 9:45.
(They didn't get to bed til after 10:30)
This was a tough one since that is way past their 8:00 bedtime. Mostly because I am so done at that time. So I let them watch a movie and we waited and waited. It almost killed Alayna waiting so long to open her gifts.
Finally! The presents. I don't know whose anticipation was more Jacob's or Alayna's??
Earlier I asked what she had done in her class for her birthday and She had told her class her birthday list; a doll (check) and a microscope(first I had heard of this one) and a golden retriever(again first time hearing about this one, not that it would have mattered)....?? 1 out of three is pretty good isn't. She didn't seem to be disappointed.

A sweet neighbor had mentioned to me that Alayna comes to visit her and has the sweetest conversations. She had most recently told her how pretty she is and gave her a big hug. I was a little surprised, but told this neighbor that She must be very special because Alayna is very genuine. She doesn't just pass out compliments or kindness with abundance. When she thinks or says something it is real and genuine. (And not always positive)
This cute neighbor brought over a sweet gift for her birthday.
I love moments like these, little reminders of Alayna's a sweet and special spirit.

Finally Saturday and her friend party had arrived.
(Insert an Alayna squeal, a sound similar to a pterodactyl)
She had idea after idea of what theme she wanted for her birthday most of them I could not get myself motivated to execute. When I came across the Living Planet Aquarium website. Their birthday party packages include a party host and claims they do all the work you just show up. Perfect for my self pity pregnant state.

Jay was even able to come and help me keep track of the one dozen kids. The party was a hit and the kids loved it. Another successful party down...
Next birthday??
The one in my belly...can't wait!

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