Today is a rainy spring day.
This time of year I will take the rain over snow any day.
When we first moved into this house (3/05) we were pretty quick to get the front yard sprinklers and grass seed in and then it rained and rained and rained.
I really wanted to get outside and fill the flower beds, but instead went to the library and borrowed every landscaping book available.
I loved sitting by the fire dreaming of magical fairy landish gardens, while the rain poured.
6 years later I still love to dream of all the trees, shrubs and flowers I want to have in this tiny corner of the world.
But I enjoy the current state of exploding flowers on the trees and bouquets daffodils and tulips Alayna brings in...

I am still pregnant but grateful to still be cooking this kid...I have to remind myself (almost every minute) that I am blessed to be able to get pregnant, have healthy full term babies.
Unfortunately I still whine, moan and complain every minute as well...
(32 weeks)
My feet, ankles and legs are starting to swell but I have inches to gain there (Don't worry I will post some amazingly grotesque photos when they reach their glory)
Jay did remind me that I am not even close yet because my nose has not widened.
Yes, my nose widens (pretty much my whole face does but the nose thing is real)
I did hear my 3 trimester laugh bellow out the other day. That one always surprises me.
In my advanced years I have learned to embrace my cackle of a laugh, but when altered with an expanded yet cramped diaphragm and large amounts of excess mass, I startle myself.

About a month ago, maybe even 6 weeks or so I finally
made my first to do list since being pregnant.
I LOVE to do lists. I even crossed off a few of them..
In fact it is still laying around with a few more black lines.

I learned when pregnant with Jacob that projects can't exist when I am pregnant.
I just frustrates me when I just can't finish them.

I still have no expectations for projects but having a list makes me feel a little more normal and gives me some focus. I just have to remind myself not to put deadlines on them.

As of today I have 6 weeks and a day until I am induced.(7 days before my due date)
I keep wondering if I will go on my own this time.
I have been induced with all 3 kids.
Ashtyn on her due date.(4 hours from water breaking to delivery)
Alayna 6 days early.(45 minutes from water breaking to delivery)
Jacob13 days early.(30 minutes from water breaking to delivery)

Jay will be recruiting throughout May so if I do go on my own will he miss it?
If my water breaks at home will I make it to the Hospital?

43 days to go...


Wendy said...

Oh my gosh! If your water breaks and Jay isn't home, call me, I have leather seats, they'll wipe off just fine!

lifeinredshoes said...

Holy Mackeral! You better carry a bag around with you, you go fast!!!!