Swim Lessons

It's that time of year again...
Ashtyn has completed all the levels up to the Pre-Competition group, but is sure she does not want to get into competing.

Alayna has come miles and miles from her first lessons.
Here she is at 3 (the same as Jacob right now) refusing to participate.

She was very lucky to have this teacher. She was SO good to her and had some sort of magic...
Alayna can be stubborn, but this teacher was special and got her in and even...

had her SMILING and loving to go.

She now loves swimming and is so determined.

She is learning the dolphin kick to go with the breast stroke. She was so fiercely doing the move to the best of her ability but going absolutely no where. Once they showed her the arms she started to move a little but definitely not for lack of effort.
This little girl can hold her breath....to the point that I was getting worried and kept wondering if I should jump in. Like I said she has some determination. Hopefully we can keep it channeled for good.

Jacob on the other hand was thrilled to start swim lessons.
From the start he was running, bouncing, slipping, jumping like popcorn with anticipation to get in the water. I did all I could to keep him contained but he was so excited.
The first thing they were asked to do was to get their faces wet. He does not like his face wet or splashed (at first...) The instructor tried to get a bob out of him and he would just put his chin in.
With in minutes he was popping around again, slipped and went all the way under. He popped out of the water, rapidly squeegeeing his face with his hands. And unlike the girls who would be bawling at this point, he screamed "Teacher! I did it, I got my eyes wet!" while jumping up and down.

He has also figured out the one on one time with the instructor is his opportunity...

He likes his teacher...a lot. And if he is not giving her a bear hug has his arms around her in some way.

Even if they are supposed to be in the water...
He can be quite the charmer...

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