Be Mine

I LOVE LOVE valentine's day.

I always have.

Not for the romance of it though

But for the love.  The day where you just love your whole class, your whole family, your whole world.

I love making valentines with my kid's faces.  And with their personalities.

But most valentines it is happening in the eleventh hour and we are all frantically taping, stapling, glueing to get them done.

And since we are in the eleventh hour, I have become good at making them simple and quick to make so they only take an hour to put together.

#1. Take a picture on my phone, upload to my computer.  I just use pages because that is where I have my favorite fonts from DaFont.com and other free font sites. But you could easily use pic monkey or picassa

#2. If you type your child's name on the valentine you just saved your kid 20 minutes of writing their name 30 times. (some may say well I want him/her to practice...Great! valentines are a wonderful way to have them practice IF YOU HAVE THE TIME. More often than not we don't have the time.)

#3. Then print.  I love printing through picassa because it gives you the option to print 4x6, 5x7, 3x5, wallet etc...  I can get the biggest bang for printer ink/paper.  In the case of Alayna's card this year, I just set up the page in 2 columns and printed.

#4. Set up an assembly line and cut them out if necessary. (Allie's was a full sheet of cardstock so her selected treat would fit her wrist just right. She only had 6 little valentines in her preschool class so printing a full sheet wasn't a bank breaker)

She was so sure that her little friends needed a candy bracelet.
So we found candy watches (gender neutral ;)
And wrote: What time is it?
What preschooler doesn't call it Valentime at some point?

Alayna didn't want her mug on her card BUT she did want a ring.
We found some squirting rings that were a big hit.  Her cute teacher let them go outside to squirt each other.  She was thrilled to have the hit valentine!

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