Ashtyn turns 8!

Yesterday was Ashtyn's birthday and she turned the big number eight. I can't believe I have and eight year old! She is such a sweet little girl and is so much fun to watch grow up. She loves her Nintendo ds (fashion designer the newest fave) LPS (Littlest Pet Shop) and reading. She has about 3 or 4 books going at a time and will read through them like wild fire. (I wish I were reading as much as she is) She chose the theme of animals (LPS) for her birthday party. We hired a few young women to come and paint the girls faces and they did an awesome job (holla to ya - Michelle, Kaysha & Tawnie). The girls looked so cute. Then they made animal print cards and animal cupcakes. The girls were so creative and made some cute animals. Aleyce (neighborhood crafting queen) let us use her vines and leaves for decorations. They made the house feel so different and fun that I wanted to leave them up. We are so glad Ashtyn has so many good friends. They are all so cute and laugh a lot...and really loud.....but I loved hearing every minute. Emily (sis) came down with Kennedy and helped out with the party. I love having her close and being able to have her for days like yesterday. She even came with us to the Old Spaghetti Factory (Ashtyns Birthday Dinner Choice). The best part is that Jay was home this year. Usually he is recruiting and has either had to miss her day or fly in just long enough to eat somewhere near the airport and fly back out. Maybe next year he will come to the party as the balloon making clown (ha ha!)

Eight birthdays later I still love throwing a party and she still loves having a party. What more could ya want. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ASHTYN

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Richard, Angi and Fam said...

So cute! Happy Birthday Ashtyn. I have to agree she is such a good girl. The party looked fun, I am impressed!!! Hey I don't have your number I got a new phone but we were thinking of doing Dinner and maybe a movie for V-day with everyone, are you in??? Let me know we wanted to do an early dinner but let me know your schedule!! Talk to ya soon!