Daddy Jay

I love watching Jay with his kids. He is such a good dad. I love when he does the everyday things. Watching him give the kids a bath, change a diaper, feed Jacob -- Which is why I am posting this video. It is so cute to watch Jay feed by example, he opens his own mouth for every bite he feeds to Jacob.


Tara said...

So funny! It was good seeing you guys on Saturday, sorry the Super Bowl idea didn't work out! Let's get together sometime soon though before Jay gets crazy busy again!

Richard, Angi and Fam said...

So cute Jay I love it!! We were going to have a superbowl party but it came too fast. Talk to you soon- let me know about V-day what your plans are- Tara is in and I need to see if Teneale is, are you in???

Richard, Angi and Fam said...

Pete told me yesterday about the baptism. I am so sorry, I had to work that day and let's be honest I don't think Pete would have been able to get the kids ready in time. I am sorry I wish we could have made it!! Hope it went well. That is so exciting!!!