Dance, Dance, Dance

Ashtyn loves her dance class with MCE. They teach both ballet and tap. I love Murray and all the community programs, but it is a good ol boys system. Luckily Ashtyn and her 2 friends Rachel and Rylie were able to be in the same class because this is the year they become fixed in a class. No one can add into it, the same girls will dance until they graduate from high school. I guess they just don't have a lot of people moving in or out. And since we have a job here for another year we are glad she has friends and a carpool :) In the Christmas Program she danced to Papa Noel. I thought this was the cutest dance she has done so far. I am looking for my USB cord for my video camera so I can upload her dance to the blog. The best part about MCE's program is that the Christmas show and Spring shows are kept to 1 hour and very well organized. (Props and a holla to Miss Becky) These pictures are from dinner after her program. We always go to her favorite place....IHOP.


Tara said...

Sara-I was just wondering today if you had a blog? I'm so glad you started one- it's the best way to still "keep in touch" even though we hardly ever see each other! I can't believe how much your kids have grown-so cute! Hope to see you soon! Tara C.

Richard, Angi and Fam said...

Yeah! I am so glad that you have one they are so fun, and addicting!! You can play with me, Tara and Nan now. Your kids are so darling. Hope all is well, we will need to get everyone together soon!!!