Only 289 days till halloween!

I love looking at pictures from other peoples blog so I decided my blog will have lots of pictures. This means I have to be better at taking pictures.

I know it is January and Halloween is long past or looking the other way, Halloween won't be here for a long time, but nothing makes my smile more than seeing little monkeys (kids) in their halloween costumes.

Ashtyn was a dead wedding bride and let Alayna walk with her in the school parade. Alayna, you've guessed, was Ariel. Her preschool went to gardner village to see the witches. She loved it. And Jacob was going to be a baby until my MIL (mother in law) Venda bought him a pirate costume. At first I thought how rediculous to put a 9 week old baby in a costume, but then I put him in it and he was so cute. Look out Johnny Depp, Captain Jake has arrived :)

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