Alayna's Preschool

This year we decided to do a co-operative preschool. It has been so good for Alayna. Jay even said the other day how far she has come since we started. Today we talked about the letter U and how we are all Unique. We did self portraits and it was so funny to see how each of them saw themselves. One had red spikey hair all over. You can sort of see each of their portraits in the pic above. We had 1 sick and one that had one of those days and didn't want to come. You really miss them when they are not there. Maybe when I grow up I will be a teacher.
This was the very first day of preschool waaaay back in Sept. I was supposed to teach tues and thurs, but had Jacob on thurs. It is crazy how much the kids have grown just since then.
This was bubble painting on the fence. Each of the kids had colored bubble and blew them onto their paper. The green grass and sun is making me so sad that it snowed this morning.

Look how cute these little monkeys are in their smocks. I can't wait for spring, green grass and kids outside again!!!

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snakeriverwalton said...

It's not very fair to put a picture with green grass! It has been a fun preschool year hasn't it?