sleds and snowmobiles

Kids never let you forget or miss a tradition, just because you did it last time, it must be done this time. In a few years we are going to need a 3 week vacation to fit in all the "traditions". With that said, you can't go to the cabin withou sledding. This year Jay wanted to find a 'better' hill so we all jumped on the machines and headed out (even Jacob). Jay found "the one". This hill was ridiculous, the pics and video definitely do NOT do it justice. It was so steep that when you were at the top, you could not see the whole hill, it looked like a cliff and the ONLY way up was by snow machine and if you stopped too early it was so steep the machine would roll. Jay was guinea pig #1 and took the first ride. After a few others, Emily and I braved it. Jay even got the girls to go but after a face full of snow decided they liked the other hill better. You had to put your feet in the snow to slow you emough that you would not kill yourself, but in the process you got a spray of snow right in the grill. As you can see Alayna was not so keen on that. Jacob slept through most of the sledding under Grandpa's reindeer hyde but woke up seemed to enjoy the snowmobile ride. We had him out for 2 or 3 hours and he didn't seem to mind at all. Have I mentioned that he is such a GOOD baby. Mon, our last day there we took another ride, I am still sooo sore from the bouncing. Julie ( Emily's MIL) watched Kennedy, Alayna and Jacob, while the rest of us went. It was a beautiful day until we got to the top of two top. It is amazing how warm you can stay with Gore-Tex, faux fur and a little animal hyde. I thought the trees and mtn top looked just like Narnia. I love being able to see the world from such a different vantage point. A part that so few humans and not even that many animals get to see. We even saw a team of snow dogs ( I know that is not really what they are called, but that is what the girls call them) I was so mad I didn't make them stop for a picture. I wanted to hop on and say MUSH! I guess you always need to have a dream, one day I will mush some dogs.


Emily Kern said...

OK--I am so jealous. I can't wait til next year so that we can come too. I hope you all don't forget about us here in sunny Cali. Miss you all, maybe someday we will be closer to you. By the way, the kids love the leashes and call it being "monkey towed". Reese even wants one.

snakeriverwalton said...

Alayna is a trooper- that is COLD to have that much spray on your face!