Forts, snowmen & the Omans

So the :FORT: tradition was started a few years back when the girls were stuck at the cabin with sleeping babies and little kids while the boys went for their manly rides. We started with a small snow cave that turned into a two room snow house with a slide entrance and food coloring wall paper. And since then we can't leave without making a fort. This year it was made at the Omans Cabin and the boys have decided that fort making is 'almost' as fun as going for a ride so they started with a cave and a slide that turned into a slide into a 20+ foot tunnel. The pics are a little dark. We started in the daylight but even with five adult men and all us girls working on it, it was quite a production. In the third picture, you can kind of see there is a railing, and that is where the slide starts, then dumps you out into the street. When we finally got it nice and icy we were too tired to do much playing, but this one tops the forts of the past for sure. Emily, Kennedy, Buster, her inlaws and Alayna, made the cutest snowmen. Jay said "They are so ugly they're actually cute" (Emily, that is a complement, He really thought they were cute) Then we played guitar hero, mexican train and may I with the Omans until the wee hours of the morning. You can never get in enough snow, games, food or sleep when you are at the cabin. I guess that is why I wasn't ready to come home.

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