Presidents Day Weekend

Just about every year since we have been married we have gone to the cabin for presidents day weekend. It is so fun to have traditions like this and that there is family to around to be a part of these tradtions. Like Utah, Island Park ID has had a ton of snow as you can see in the pic of Jay and Jacob where the snow is over their heads and the cabin in back of them is so high you can't see any of their windows. The Pics of mom and dads cabin show how the snow has completely coverd the front clear up to the roof. The first night there Jay and I were able to go on a ride together (Thanks Em for watching the kids). It had been a while since Jay and I had been on a ride alone carving through the trees and goin off "sweet jumps" (ha ha) and Jay laughing at me when I fall off for no reason on flat snow (usually I just brake too hard and it throws me over the hood). The best part of a late night ride is coming back to the stoked fire at the cabin and stripping down to, well... you know because the loft is so hot for that first part of the night. As you can see Alayna was enjoying the heat as she slept out side of the sleeping bag in "Jacks Hole"


snakeriverwalton said...

someday we will defintely have to cabin hop- after our families gets repaired, that is. It looks like you guys had a blast.

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