O.k. Emily (R.Kern) It has taken me a few days and a few posts later but I am really excited to play along in the tagging game soooo....here's to my first tag.....


Here we are Emily (R Kern SIL) Jessica and I almost exactly 10 years ago. Jay and I had just married and moved into this apt in Holiday UT at the end of Jan or begining of Feb 1998. This apt had hard wood floors in the living room and green carpet in the kitchen that turned red when I spilled homemade strawberry jam all over it. This was one of my nightowl projects so Jay was asleep and I didn't want to wake him up so at 11:30 p.m. I went to Albertson's to rent a rug dr which they don't rent that late so I stayed home from work the next day to clean up the mess. A week later I looked at the ceiling and there was jam splattered on it as well. (I still am a disaster 10 years later. The only difference is now I can laugh instead getting upset). I was working at Chase Services supporting our little family. I drove a teal blue dodge colt (aka meximobile, thanks Shelly) and at the Holiday gas station on the corner of Highland Dr and Murray-Holiday Blvd gas was only $.89. That is eighty-nine CENTS! I could fill up with $8 and drive to and from work for a month! We had no dishwasher, washing machine or dryer. Jay would wash all the dishes by hand. My running play list included Nine in Nails and 311. Jay has since made me sell all cds with explcit lyrics (Thanks hubby!but man there are a few that I miss)
We would hang out with Keith and Kari of our student ward and Bart and Nan who were living in Murray at the time. We bought rollerblades as our first major purchase and did alot of rollerblading. (St George with Bart and Nan, she was prego with Stockton and I about killed my self on multiple occasions) Amazing how 10 years flys by.


1.Clean bathrooms and floors (maybe get baseboard vents, they're driving me crazy)

2. Entertain Jay (He has today off and it is much more difficult and time consuming than you would think) We have already been to the library and costco. I just sent him to Cabellas with a gift card, we'll see how long the keeps him occupied.

3. Work on taxes (dreading this one, I probably won't mark this one off today. Jay has the day off, so I guess I will take the day off from my accounting job)

4. Projects: Everyday I have hopes of getting some project done so maybe I will get one of at least some on one of these done {Paint night stand for bedroom, add legs to other night stand, finish painting frame for mirror in master bath, put up banister going down stairs, start on dining chairs, finish binding on quilt or start duvet cover} I could not live without my projects.

5. Sleep in with Jay {this one is already checked off. It was so nice to have him in bed past 5am}


If I was tagged with the 100 things I could put 100 snacks, but at the top of my list defintely brownies; Ghiradelli with carmel squares (thanks Em, they were delish!) ones with the chocolate chips in them, frosted, costco brownie bites, brownies made with applesauce (not overcooked!) Yep, love them all. Next on my list is probably licorice black, red, chocolate, pull and peel are among my favs just as long as it is soft. I used to love chewy runts, but as I get older and my teeth get older, not such a fan any more. My biggest temptation for snacks are the stupid hostess cakes #1 on my list right now are the raspberry zingers, but I rotate favs regularly from twinkies, ho hos, and suzy qs. I think it is genetic, In High School I had a class at the Alternative High School next to the hostess outlet and I caught Dad there on a regular basis :)


Emily (LS) and I would talk about this for hours and hours as we filled great scott. I would send in the PCH sweepstakes and we would dream about the day we would win. I had the house plan picked out that we would build even the lot we would build it on and the cars we would buy down to the color and where we would vacation and everything that goes with that BUT now I think things would be a little different. I defintely would pay off the house, invest, donate and maybe have enough leftover to vaction in over Europe (Jay would say vacation in the tropics) It definitely was a lot more fun to dream about when we were 14. I do have to say I think I would prefer to dream about it than actually become a millionaire. (Not to say we don't want success, but millions, millionaire seems like more work than it is worth....Hundreds of thousands is more like it {{giggle}} REDICULOUS!


I have so many more than 3, but here are three and probably not my top 3. I should have Jay enter this one.....

1. Definitely have a problem with bed time, especially when Jay is gone. I will stay up till 2am sometimes later. I am working on it, but I know this one is genetic...

2. Tardiness. Procrastinator. These two go together and I have perfected them both. There is always something else to do or one more thing before I leave, so nothing gets done and I am always late.

3. Leaving my clothes out in the closet, Jay gets frustrated and doesn't understand how I know what is clean and what isn't. I have it very organized in my mind and you never know if you are going to wear those jeans for a second day or not.


1. Born and raised Nampa ID

2. Rexburg, ID

3. South Salt Lake, Holiday, Murray, UT

4. Lehi, UT

5. Puerto Rico (We went for a Vaction when I was first prego with Ashtyn and were there for 3 weeks after the first week of sights, smells and food I was done and decided any vacation over 6 days was considered residency). We have decided that we should not go anywhere for more than 6 days (EXCEPT the cabin!)


1. Substitute teacher (Nampa, Alpine and Murray school districts)

2. Server and trainer at Olive Garden and Chilis

3. Chase Services - office manager

4. Roseberry Labratories - I was practically the CEO {{giggle}}

5. Still waiting for Dairy Queen to call!!!


First of all I am pretty much and open book, so what I list will probably no suprise....

1. I don't like to wash my hair because it is so thick and even though Jay protests it, I think that if I don't wash it as much it will be healthier

2. I was in cooking 4-h and horse 4-h and went to state for the 4-h horse bowl. I even won a blue ribbon at the fair with my pony Rosie.

3. I have a terrible fear of driving over bridges and always plan for how I would unbuckle all my kids and get them out of a frozen, swift or deep river if I were to loose control and go over the edge. (Seriously, my heart races and the anxiety is rediculous)

4. I have broken 2 legs, 1 knee and a nose, and none of them were my own. SO don't mess with me...Just joking, it was all playing soccer and I NEVER was given a red card for any of them. One ref said because I broke a leg he had to give me a yellow card, she later ended up in the hospital and almost died, her leg was shattered and from the meds or something they had to get out the jumper cables and shock her. They were in my grandmas ward, so word travled fast and I was labeled......by the way, does anyone know of a city league I could play on??

5. If I don't have a lot of time to straighten my hair I prefer to use the clothes iron rather than my CHI, It is so much faster.....(but I do love my CHI, thanks Jay, you're so cute when you buy me girly stuff)

O.k. well that took a really long time, I hope yall enjoy getting to know me a little more intimately {{he he}} and now I tag you Emily Oman and Amy Walton!


Jessica said...

Hey this is your cousin Jessica. Ashley just let me know that all of the Kern sisters have blogs! I am so excited. I love the old picture by the way. I can believe you guys have been married for 10 years! You can check out our blog at rodebushfamily.blogspot.com

Emily Oman said...

Hey Sara. I love the new look to your blog! It's so cute. I remember falling asleep to you talking about your Publisher's Clearing House winnings. I guess I wasn't a very good listener back then either.

Ashley said...

Oh my gosh Sara, I have the same fear about not just necessarily bridges but when I am driving by a river, over a bridge, near a lake, or canal or any kind of water I always do the same thing and go over what I would do if the car ended up in the water, and I end up freaking out because which kid would I save first, and none of them can swim, and I become a total mess. Seriously that is my biggest fear in this life is that situation. Ok I need to go calm down...

snakeriverwalton said...

I like your new blogskin. Where did you get it? Okay, I will respond to your tag, so stay tuned!