I finally got the taxes done, which means I can post again. I loathe doing our taxes, until I see the money in the bank. Accounting is not my strong suit, I had such a headache when I finished. But they are DONE!
We actually had a weekend at home. It was so strange to not be running off and sleeping in someone elses bed. Jays sis Cheri and her family came up for a Volleyball tournament in Lehi. Her daughter Caydee is playing for SUVA. We went to 1 game and decided that was enough. Those tournaments go so long....Why? I thought football games were long but these kids have tournaments on a regular basis and they play ALL DAY LONG. Many, many years ago, we had soccer tournaments and they only had maybe 2 games in one day. It will be interesting what happens when our kids are old enough to have a say in their sport choices. Jay and I have such strong opinions about youth sports (and funny enough they are pretty much the same) that it will be interesting what happens. So other than the volleyball game, we pretty much just vegged. It was fun doing things that don't always happen at home. Check out the pics to see what we did

So I know many people feel sorry for Paulo (our golden) but here is proof we don't neglect him every day. Yes that is Jay and Alayna in their bathing suits giving him a shower. Alayna has socks on to protect her feet from him stepping on them (It really hurts). Alayna loves Paulo and will go out and check on him in the tundra of our back yard.

As much as I like Paulo, I am not sure I love sharing a shower with him. We used to go to a place called Shampooches that was a self serve dag wash, but they closed. There are a few other self serve in the SL valley, but sometimes it is harder to take my 3 kids than to have Jay do it at


I am not very good at painting nails. I love to do their hair, but painting nails is not a regular occurrence. So we painted nails. They love to have them painted in a "patteren" Alayna is getting very independent and she painted her left hand then I painted her right.

Ashtyn is getting much better at NOT biting her nails and I even had to clip a few of them. Something I have not done more than 6 or 7 times since she was about 18 months and started biting her nails. If you have seen Jay on TV during a game, you'll know where she gets it. She got her nail polish for her birthday and it smells like pixie sticks (yum!) Good thing I have an emergency stash of pixie sticks or I might have started licking her fingers {{giggle}}

Silly girls. I wonder how many times Jacob will get his nails painted....? With 2 big sisters, I am sure it is inevitable.

So this pic is from last Wed, but I love it. Alayna had been invited to a princess cupcake party at her friends house the day before. Most mornings, she will come down stairs for breakfast in her jammies and stay in them until I make her get dressed. This morning, she knew she had her party (at 3 p.m.) and she came down fully dressed heels, necklace and crown all ready to go. She was so happy and knew she looked like a princess. 3, almost 4 is turning out to be a fun age.


Tara said...

Nice sweatshirt, I have one just like it and it's exactly what I wear on "veg days"! The girls look so cute together, that's too funny about Alayna- you can tell the look on her face she was so excited for the party!

snakeriverwalton said...

Would Jay mind if I bring Brutus over for a shower?