Would you like a lemon?

So after my last post Emily said I should try giving Jacob a lemon and see his reaction. He has been fun to give food to and see his reaction. He puckers, smacks, and will even shutter on the blandest of foods. A little while ago Emily and I gave him some sour frosting (I had heard that if you added a package of kool-aid to a can of frosting you would get color and flavor all in one. As sweet as frosting is you don't need to add sugar, BUT it was still very sour. I hadn't tasted it and started frosting cupcakes with it and couldn't understand why all the girls at Ashtyn's party wanted white instead of the pink flavored one? Then I tasted it....oops!) When Jacob tried it, he didn't even flinch but when he ate a banana he puckered like it was a war head. So here ya go Emily, this is what a lemon does for him. Not much of a pucker, just a lot of licking and smacking. He can look like such an old man...We should do a Ferrell/Jacob split screen.
When Alayna was about 8 mos old we were in Phoenix for the fiesta bowl and she had started this screaming stage where she would just let out these loud squawks for no reason. We were eating out every meal and she would squawk the whole time finally Jay put a lime in her mouth. She loved it. She sucked on it until there was nothing left so we asked for another, and then every time we would order, we would ask for limes. It made dining much more pleasant. I wonder if babies have the sour taste buds, or if those ones don't develop until later...?

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Ashley said...

That is so funny. I love the videos.