Josie's Birthday

So Emily and I thought it would be so much fun to surprise Josie for her birthday. Jay had Friday off so I could leave the kids and we made a day trip to Twin Falls. We called Blake earlier in the week to let him in on the secret {{he he}} it makes me giddy just talking about it. We didn't have a set plan. We just called Blake when we were close and darn it, Josie saw that it was me, so we played it off and I said I was just calling to check to see if this was his current cell # in my phone. We got Josie off running her errands. We had to stop to get balloons and silly string, and the checker at the $ store was NO help. I was in the car pretending to be in SLC talking to Josie who is a few blocks away at the bank and the checker at the $ store could not tell Emily where the silly string is because she was closed! ANNOYING....so we had to change plans quick, Blake had left the door open for us, but Josie beat us home so when we got there, we had to sneak around the back and surprise her. When Emily and I get together, we get so silly and think we are so funny......we are just ridiculous....

So after the surprise, shock and silly string Josie was able to put things together to see why Blake had said, asked, acted the way he did. GOOD JOB BLAKE! I don't know who was more surprised Josie or her kids. Jack asked why we were there and why we sprayed him?

"You Guys!"

We had made Josie a candy gram birthday card and then went to lunch at Gertie's Pizza Buffet. The dessert pizza was fabulous and it just kept coming. I never knew you could put oreos or butterfingers on pizza. Emily had hyped Gerties before and it was that good!

It was such a fun day. Thanks Jay for watching the kids! Until the day we all live on the same street, these days will have to do. One of my new fav quotes "God made us sisters, we made us friends!"

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Emily Kern said...

Good Job, girls! My b-day is coming right up! I love surprises (hint hint)! I'm so glad you updated. I needed something new to read. I will update after dr. appts this afternoon. Love ya!