Happy Birthday Jay!

Yes the one with the long hair is Jay about 30 years ago. He makes such a cute little girl, you can see where Alayna gets her good looks :)

Today is Jay's birthday and the girls and I are feeling a little bummed that he had to fly out to Stanford for work. They wanted to have a surprise party for him tonight. If I had been on the ball I would have had cake for breakfast. (What was I thinking? I so should have.) But instead he got zoom, which 'he' likes better than cake anyway. We went to dinner Friday night with our friends and it was so fun to catch back up in person. I love all your blogs, but when we can, I love to visit in person. Thanks for coming (and for dinner Cole, we owe you...) I did not have my camera with me but everyone else did. Thanks Tara for emailing the pics from dinner. The boys really were ridiculously giddy that night. I am glad they have such a great friend ship. Thanks to all his friends, it definitely was a great birthday for Jay.
Saturday we gave him his Birthday present (so he could take it back and get the one he really wanted) and then use it. He and the girls went to the driving range with his new golf bag. He went to take it back but then decided to keep the one I picked I was so excited:)

Happy Birthday Jay! We love you so much!


Tara said...

What a great picture! I didn't realize Jay was so pretty:) It was so fun going to dinner, I'm glad you planned it for all of us! Can't wait for our girls night out, that will be some major fun! I'll try and send the dinner pictures, Nan has the best one with Cole flipping off the camera!

Emily Oman said...

Happy B-day Jay! Jay always has made a pretty girl. ha ha

Richard, Angi and Fam said...

That was so fun Sara, thanks for inviting us. Now I need to think of something fun for Pete's B-day I really thought about seeing if the guys could all go to Wendover for the night or something for his Bday I think he would love that- maybe one weekend night or something I am sure they would all be down!!! That was so fun I am excited too for our girls night, I am all over planning it in April!!!

The Brockbanks said...

Tell Jay happy birthday! Friday night was so much fun. Thanks for inviting us. Bart loves being with his friends so much. Your house is darling. You are so talented. I will try and send you those pictures today. You never know what you are going to get with my computer skills but I will try. We should go again soon. Thanks!

Jessica said...

Hey i was wondering if you and Emily O. were interested in doing an MS walk on April 12. If so give me your email and I can send more info to you.