What? Easter is in March...Ooops!

I love looking at everyone's cute Easter pics. When we planned our spring break and I realized we were going to be traveling back from FL on Easter I was so sad. My bank account was glad not to buy dresses. I will have to find fun spring dresses for the girls later. Jacob did get a quasi 'Easter outfit'. Jay was disgusted by the clothes he was wearing to church, (I figured he was a baby and it didn't matter) but I found some really cute church clothes. I am still getting the hang of the whole boy thing. He looks so naked without a bow, but Jay refuses to let me even try one on. I really need to get him more hats. He looks so cute in them.
The bunny found us in Miami and brought the girls little baskets, but to Alayna's dismay we did not hunt for eggs. As for me, I am missing egg salad sandwiches with pink and blue egg whites.

This is a picture is what Jacob will look like when he is 40. He looks so old in his little sweater vest.

This one is for dad. This is what Jacob will look like when he is teaching physics at MIT.


Alison said...

Okay honestly Jacob is so so cute! I love that vest on him. I totally understand about the bow thing. Something just seems missing on their bald head!

Heather Bergsjo said...

He is the cutest! I love buying the little boy church outfits.

snakeriverwalton said...

He is looking too grown up. A little hair and he's going to start dating.

Jessica said...

Oh my goodness he is so stinkin' cute! There is nothing better than a little boy in a sweater vest!

da linfords said...

Those are the cutest photos! He totally looks like a little old man! Priceless!!