Spring Break Marathon, Orlando

For Jay's Spring Break this year, we went to FL. We took the kids to Disney World for 4 days and then down to Miami and the Keys for the last 2 days. I am such a home body and am usually ready to come home after 3 or 4 days. I love to go places, but I love coming home as much or more. I love my bed and my space. BUT while we were there we had a ton of fun. We Started out at Animal Kingdom after an all night flight. I was amazed at how well the kids did after such a flight and then a day at the park. They were such troopers.

As we were walking in Flik from bugs life came to greet us, before we even had our autograph books.

Tough to be a Bug 3D movie. I love this show! It never gets old, the stingers, the stink, the bugs across the fanny and watching a 3 year old try to catch the 3D butterfly in front of her.

The girls with Jay, I mean King Louie. ( I know cheesy joke, but since He doesn't look at the blog I had to)

So after along day of travel, greeting characters, safaris and shows, Alayna crashed as we walked out of the park.

When we walked into the Magic Kingdom they had dancers on Main Street that got Jay to do the electric slide (I think). I was so impressed he knew it and showed up some of the other dancers there. You can see how into it he got by the height of his jump in the pic.

Right as we exited the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, Ahoy! there was Captain Jack pillaging a group of scallywags. Argh! from a distance you might even think it was Johnny Depp

When I rode with the girls the ride stopped right as we were ascending to our certain death into the briar patch and Alayna started to bawl and the poor kid in front of us shortly followed. It was a long 4 minutes and 57 secs before it started again. I wish I would have bought the pic going down the chute, so funny
"We are going to do what?"

And what would D.W. be without a princess or 3, It was so fun to see the look in the girls eyes as each princess autographed their books and talked to them and equally fun to see the look in the princesses eyes when they saw Jacob and he pulled out all his flirtatious moves.
The girls still are so enamored by every princess which makes these trips so worth every wait and every cent.

The famous tea cups our last ride before we left the M.K. Jay can't handle spinning, so mom and the girls spun their mad hatters off while dad a Jacob watched from another cup.

We love the character dining and this year tried the one at MGM (now Disney's Hollywood studios) with JoJos circus and Little Einstiens. HOT DOG!

The girls loved all the shows from H.S. Musical to the Little Mermaid and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse between, where the Host even danced with Alayna. Jays favorite was the Tower of Terror where he had terrified the girls the whole way up so when they got on and the elevator dropped, both started to cry. As they came off the ride I saw all three of them in tears. The girls from terror and Jays from laughing so hard at his terrified little girls. Just ask him about it and he will laugh so hard he won't even be able talk. He has told it to me three times and will not stop laughing.

When we got to our hotel the first day, the girls were so excited that they put us on the very top floor and they were just like a real princess on the balcony. I just had visions of one of them falling through the bars or Jacob jerking out of my arms as we would walk to the elevators. Alayna got very close to getting her head stuck in the bars, had we not stopped her and she pushed just a little harder to get her ears through, we would have had a very different vacation.

We weren't planning on staying a 4th day at D.W., but we had never been to Epcot, so we stayed to check it out. Being the 4th day the girls were very worn out but enjoyed seeing more princesses and other characters. Mulan even walked out with Alayna and gave her a kiss, that didn't get washed off till the next day.
I love D.W. and the magic it has with little kids and my husband. It brings out such a fun side that you really can't get any where else. Disney really knows what they're doing and how to do it


Heather Bergsjo said...

How fun!! How does Disneyworld
compare to Disneyland? Kevin keeps telling me we need to go to Disneyworld this year instead of Disneyland.

Emily Oman said...

That looks like so much fun! I can't wait to go together! Your hair looks so cute!

snakeriverwalton said...

Your bangs do look great! Fun pictures that make me want to go there.

The Brockbanks said...

That looks like so much fun. I am jealous. I love Disneyworld! It looks like your kids had a blast. There is something about that place that really is magical!

Jessica said...

What a good vacation!

Ashley said...

I loved all your pictures. It makes me want to go, maybe someday

da linfords said...

What a great record of your vacation. It looks like you guys had a lot of fun. You're such a good blogger!