I Don't Wanna Grow Up

As we were coming home from St. George sunday, out of the blue, Alayna desperately said "I don't wanna grow up!" Jay and I laughed and I thought back to our weekend and it was like the Disney commercial where the parents turn into kids. Jay doesn't have a hard time being a kid, but this weekend I was able to slip back into childhood.
I really did not want to leave for another weekend, especially since we have plans to be gone here in another week. And I pouting, feeling that the only reason to go down there was to pick Jay up. (He went to Phoenix on thursday but made a tee time in Mesquite for fri morning and I was his way home.) BUT it turned out to be a fun, relaxing let your hair down weekend. While Jay was golfing I was able to do a little shopping for a few necessities we would take to orlando. When Jay got back we went to a fun paint your own pottery store called Brush Fire. It had been a while since I had been to a store like that. What was that place in Boise we went to?....
Ashtyn made a cute plate and Alayna picked out a penguin that Jay painted. Actually Alayna did paint some of it. We should have just had Jay pick out his own to paint or he could have done one for Jacob. When they are done being fired, I will post the pics. Saturday was warm enough for a run outside. I went my usual 4 mi route. What a difference running outside in warm weather makes. We had planned to go to Taje and Kaiden's bike race, but we played a few too many rounds of guitar hero and were too late getting out....So we ended back at the outlets and found swim trunks for Jay.

We decided to take advantage of the weather and went to Aspen's school playground. Once again Jay took Alayna's toy, her giant bubble wand. I really need to just plan to get him his own when purchasing toys.

When the boys got home from their race Jay Kaiden and I had an airsoft BB gun war. Kaiden and I ganged up on Jay and totally beat him :) Nothing like inflicting pain on your loved one :) It made my day when Kaiden said "that was the BEST air soft war I have ever played!" I should have taken pics of Jays welts. We got him good!

It was Kaiden's birthday weekend and he had been given a tennis teather ball game. My right arm is soooo sore from beating EVERYONE! HAHA YA'LL ! All that teather ball as a kid really paid off. Even Kaiden, Tyrell, his friends and Jay didn't see that one coming.
We celebrated Kaidens birthday at the pool and the kids loved it. I was so bummed I had left my swim suit at home. (The one Jay just bought me for V-day:( ) Jacob is so fun to take into the water. They even had a slide, Jay and I like to take Alayna and see who can go the fastest. They all had fun. Thanks Nicole! And Happy b-day Kaiden!
Happy Jacob boy with aunt Nicole
Like father like son....Dad is sure he will have him swimming by the time we leave :)
Ashtyn and Jacob, what cute kids!
Alayna, our fish. They require life vests for 3 and under. She didn't seem to mind. She has no fear and I wasn't swimming so it worked well.
"Whew! I made it!" Ashtyn our monkey bar queen.


snakeriverwalton said...

I like the new background.

Emily Oman said...

I wish we could have gone with you!It sounds like you guys had a great time and I envy the running outside part, and the swimming. Just for the record I could have kicked you trash at teatherball.

Emily Kern said...

What a fun weekend, and what a great pool!!! When are you going to orlando and what are you bringing back for me? Have fun!!

Richard, Angi and Fam said...

How fun. Your blog is so cute I have bot checked blogs forever it was so fun and read about what you have been up to way to stay on top if it!!! It was good to see you the other night for a quick second!! I can't eblieve how big your babe is getting!!!

Richard, Angi and Fam said...

We need to go out soon!!! What's your plans this weekend? We should all get together!!

Ashley said...

Those pictures were so fun to look at. I cant decide who jacob looks more like, ashtyn or alana, (I think I totally butchered their names, sorry)

Tara said...

That swimming pool is so fun for the kids, we loved it! Orlando, what? Sounds fun:) Glad it was a nice weekend, the warm weather makes such a big difference!

Alyssa Bateman said...

Hey Sara! Your guys blog is soo cute! The kids are so cute, and I can't believe how big Jacob is gettting!! He is such a cute & happy little man. I'll have to come over and play with the kids again. You can check out my blog if you'd like it is explorerbateman.blogspot.com I love keeping up on your cute blog! see ya later, tell the girls hello! -Alyssa Bateman