Viva Las Vegas!

Jay's last week of recruiting, we were able to go with him to Las Vegas. We left late Tuesday night and got in about 1:30am to our Hotel. We were looking forward to this trip for a while. This trip is what a vacation should be. NO running around, just sleeping in (as late as the kids allow), hanging out by the pool, walking aroung seeing what you can, but no pressure to HAVE to see or HAVE to go anywhere! There was one thing I really wanted to do. For the past 8 or so years, my best friend from H.S. has lived in Vegas and we don't get to visit often enough. This year I decided to call before we got there and make sure we could visit. Last time we talked, I had just had Jacob so nine months later she is about to give birth to TWINS! So crazy! We were able to spend a whole afternoon visiting and catching up. Even though we have only seen each other a handful of times since we have been married, like always, we picked up where we left off. No wonder she is one of my BFFs :). The best part was seeing her in the home she has made for her cute family and to see her so happy! I remember at 16 her talking about her desire be married and have a family. In High School I was amazed and admired her sincere desire for this. It makes me so happy to see the joy she has found in what she has always wanted. I loved the feeling I had in her home, the love that she has for her husband and son. I remember how much she did not enjoy having her dad as the Bishop/Stake President and the stigma that came with being his daughter. Now she is the Bishops wife! Even Emily (l.s.) said its no surprise. She always felt Sarah to genuinely care about others and ALWAYS made her feel like she sincerely cared about her. I look forward to continue seeing her little family of boys grow up! Thanks Sarah for letting me take your afternoon, good luck with the babes!

I had Ashtyn take our picture (I should have checked it before I left) but both pics she took are so out of focus. I really wanted one of us a little older and one of her seriously cute belly. I have never seen such a cute pregnant (with twins!) gal. So I found a few old pics of our crazy silly adventures. (And if Ashtyn or Alayna ever do some of the things we did, they will be grounded until they are 33!!!)

Here are some pics from the rest of the trip. It was a little chilly and a lot windy, but way better than the rain and freezing temps in SLC! The girls have fun, but we decided next year will be just Jay and I. Ashtyn is getting old enough that the strip has more than just lots of pretty lights. Jay has always been gone so much that he never wanted to leave the kids, but we are getting better at working with his schedule to give him more time with the kids so now on to finding more time with ME! :)


snakeriverwalton said...

That looked like a really cool dino park. I want to go on a fun trip-- oh wait, I get to go to youth conference next week. yay.

Tara said...

Love how the girls are bound and determined to swim and enjoy it in the "warm" weather! There's always something fun to do in Vegas, especially without the kids!! Hope you have lots of fun next year, maybe we'll meet you down there:)

katie terry said...

I am so envious! I LOVE THE SUN!


Okay, love the pics of the park, sorry we couldn't meet you there that day...and for the pics of us, I could spank you for putting those on of me! You look so cute, I don't know what is going on with me...Yikes! Those were definately the good ol days! Holy smokes, we were silly. Hey, by the way we are moving back to Idaho on the 9th of July, last minute decision, I think we might be crazy trying to pull this off right now! So call me soon! Actually email me.