Memorial Day Weekend

Most years for memorial day we go to a place called Tropic down south. It sound like a wonderful vacationing oasis. And while we have a lot of fun it does not live up to its name. We go with Jay's brother in law Clint's family and they are the ones who make it what it is. This year they decided to cedar mountain. We were on our way back from vegas and had carefully packed so we would have stuff for camping. I love to camp but this is what we were driving through...

Needless to say I was worried. We had only had a tent and sweatshirts. When we arrived at our site, it was not as bad as what we had to come through. It was fun to play games and visit with family and even take a sunday nap in the tent. We had a long paintball war, baseball game, ladder tournament, smores, games and movies in the trailers. So much fun, even with the chill.
Here are the paintballers

Jay letting Alayna shoot a few. I wish I would have got a pic of her first 3 reactions to pulling the trigger...classic Alayna, no one has as many expressions and this little chick

Nice helmet Clint!

Jace and Alayna got quite friendly. The last morning she was yelling through the camp looking for her favorite 'prince Jace'.

Jace decided to give her a ride on his '4 ler' and she happily wrapped her arms around his waist then squealed and screamed up and down the road into camp.

Alayna loves to help! Making sure we have enough wood for the fire

Jay got bored and decided to chopped down a dead tree, 1/2 way through he decided it was a dumb idea.

All tuckered out!


snakeriverwalton said...

Glad to see the appropriate use of helmets this trip. Way to go Hills

The Brockbanks said...

Looks like fun times! I love the kids sleeping in the car. Kids remember trips like that forever. Glad you didn't have to sleep in snow!

katie terry said...

I agree with Nan...those are the trips that kids will never forget! Looks like alot of fun!
I still remember a trip that I went on up to the cabin with The Hills and it was so much fun so I can only imagine.... :)

Emily Oman said...

Ha Ha that's funny Jay got bored with chopping down the tree! I hope it doesn't fall on someone later!

SKH said...

He did end up chopping it all the way down. (I even yelled 'timber') After it was down this other guy that was camping with us chopped off all the branches and turned it into a couple of benches. And you thought I was a busy bee....this guy was nuts-o, he didn't sit still for 1 second the entire trip.