Ashtyn's zoo field trip

we went to the hogle zoo. this is the white alligator. he was so cool !!! he is in the water right now but we I also saw him coming out of the water. the lady said "there are 1o white alligators in the world" the white alligator was one of my favorites.

the white alligator. me and my friend were in one group. we had a lot of fun. her little bother was there to.

my friend, her brother and me. we saw the mommy giraffe and the baby. it was so cute!! and funny. we also saw a black bear, cheetah, tiger, all different kinds of monkeys, zebra, a huge turtle , all different kinds of birds and reptiles.

the mom and baby giraffe. we also saw a peacock right now he has his feather's up. plus we saw a kangaroo to (ha ha)
the peacock with his feather's up. my friend and her brother had to go so I had to go with my other friend. we went to see the white alligator one more time. but before my other friend left we played at the park. then me and my other friend and her other friend got on the bus and went back to school.

my other friend.

me and my other friend siting on the fence. back at school I took one last pic. I had lots of fun and so will you.
have fun!


Emily K said...

Wow Ashtyn! That is a cool alligator! It sounds like you and your friends had a fabulous time! I liked reading your post!

snakeriverwalton said...

cool pictures Ashtyn. You need to post more often. Rachel wants to download her zoo pictures too.

Emily Oman said...

Great post Ashtyn. I think you could create an advertisement for Hogle ZOO, looks like you guys had a great time!

Alison said...

Your zoo puts our Boise zoo to shame! We will have to come down there and see all those cool animals!