What a crazy time of year! It the end to so much. Recruiting is over! (for now...) It went by pretty fast this year. I get fewer projects done every year. With more kids, more activities, and less time I guess that is to be expected. So now on to summer football camps for Jay.

Alayna finished up preschool with a visit from the Tumble Bus. (This bus just applied for CMT's trick my truck, I hope they pick her bus to trick!) My friend Amy works with the owner and thought it would be a great way to celebrate preschool graduation. I was amazed at all that they fit into this bus. There were rings, trampoline, climbing rope, zip line and then she had all sorts of skill building activities. She was so good with the kids as well; keeping them entertained all while they were in lines taking turns. The kids had an awesome time. Even some of the big kids (Ashtyn) were able to get in on the action.

Ashtyn finished up her soccer season and her cute coach celebrated with a pizza party. This season was so cold. We were wrapped up in blankets most games. I remember my mom telling me how cold my spring soccer games were. I now know how cold they must have been. Thanks mom! Ashtyn was lucky to have so many of her friends on the same team.

School is coming to an end. I can't believe another year is gone. Ashtyn had her year end assembly and recieved the 'principals award for academics & citizenship'. She has been such a good student. She loves to read and amazes me how many books she will read at one time. I look forward to the summer and having her around more.

Even my sweet little Jacob has the sun setting on the blissful state of being stationary. Yup, he is mobile, even though it is a slow army crawl, the days of sitting him down to find him in the same place when I return are OVER. It is the end of gate free stairs & worry free play.

So here here to THE END and on to the beginning of a relaxing, lazy, hot summer. (That is already filled up with reunions, camps, projects and trips to visit friends & family....)

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Emily K said...

You are a busy girl! I love the bus!