Happy Fathers Day!
It has been a while, and yes, there are a million and one excuses why, but today is not about that. Today is about the wonderful men in my life. Emily and I were looking for cards for Fathers Day and found one that sums it all up, ' Because you are a great dad, I have a great life'. We gave it to our Dad (Mr. Kern) but it also applies to my sweet husband. It truly is because he is great that my life is great. Jay and I were working on the deck the other night and he rattled off a list a mile long of things I needed to get done the next day (most of them being my projects we started but due to the lack of time Jay has, I get to finish). Jay's dad came home early to help me get them done. Which I so appreciated. He is always so willing to help and is a great example of service. Because of that my life is great. While we were out in the yard digging and getting dirty, he told me how he could tell that my dad had done a good job teaching me how to work. Even though it sounds a little crazy, I am so glad he did. It is because of him that I can use large power tools, move trees, dig trenches, haul concrete and drive a trailer. I was never told no, or you can't. My dad would just teach me how to use it do it or drive it. I am so grateful for that and because of that my life is great. Then there is Jay, who is a fantastic father. He is amazing with his kids. Even after his long 18 hour days he will make time for them. He loves to have them around any extra minute he can. Even if it is only 10 minutes at lunch he loves to play with them. I couldn't ask or even imagine anything more a father could do to make his kids life great. I love him for being a great father, but he is also a great husband. I knew 11 years ago without a doubt that it would be because of him that my life would continue to be great. So, thank you to all the wonderful fathers and Happy Fathers Day!


snakeriverwalton said...

Cute new family pic! BTW, Alesa O. suggested that all the girls wear blue shirts to your house Wednesday!

A & G said...

Sara! I can hardly believe it has been so long. You have such a beautiful family! It's wonderful to see the magic that Birch 504 witnessed is still going strong, (seriously not that we doubted at all. You were both smitten.) Loves to you old roommate!! - oh its me Amy Nugent!

Brigitte said...

WHERE ARE YOU?!?! Are you too good for blogging now? ;)