Beam Me Up Scottie!


The following post contains graphic photographs that may scare and/or traumatize. Read at your own risk.

"Jay, I don't feel so good. I think I need to go to the Dr." was all that Sara could squeak out of her tight sore throat. "Are you sure? why don't you go lay down?" replied Jay "No I think my nose is starting to swell?" As she turned her face to Jay his big eyes grew even wider. "Uuhh yes, you better go right now."

So here is a chronology of my distorted face. I know it is SERIOUSLY UGLY, but I need to document this crazy thing. It came on within a 12 hour period but took a good week to go away. At first Doctors thought it was a sinus infection, but when it got bigger they decided it was just some strange tissue infection.(That they made obvious they didn't want, by standing against the far wall of the examination room:() So after a shot of antibiotics and a 2 week oral prescription with no improvement, they put me on IV antibiotics, dosed a couple times a day and a double dose of another two week oral prescription. So have a looky at this crazy thing....I looked like a character from Star Trek

The above picture is NOT one of me. It is of a real Klingon (Star Trek) I wonder what match they would come up with at one of the "which famous person do you look like" site....?
I sent a pic to Emily and Dad on their phones. Emily said the pics looked like I had morphed them on the computer. You know those programs that contort your face in a million strange ways. I have seen them on different blogs and thought "so funny!" I wish these pics were computer generated!
I also had strep throat, but once the meds kicked in and killed the body aches, fever and chills I felt a lot better. My nose was really hot and my skin was so stretched, hot and damaged that eventually it sloughed off (gross!)
The hardest part was watching Jay and the girls looking trying to see the real Sara. Everyone first reaction was wide eyes and a big Ooohh. Except for sweet Jacob, no wide eyes, no closer looks, just jabbers, loves and kisses. What a sweet boy. I am so grateful for modern medicine and the power of priesthood blessings. Even if they can tell me how I got this or what it was, I am so glad its gone and that there was NO damage done!

And Dad, just so you don't worry, My face is back to normal! Here's a pic so you don't have to worry anymore.


snakeriverwalton said...

Is "real Klingon" an oxymoron?

Tara said...

Seriously, you need to submit that to the Trekkies website and become an official Klingon, you'd be instantly famous! I cannot believe how much of the resemblence- I'm sure that's the last thing you wanted to hear, but it gave me a good laugh:) Glad your beautiful face is back to "Sara", I'd still be your friend either way:) Love the deck, let's bbq!

CrazyinIdaho said...

I cannot believe those pictures, I say forget the Klingon website, submit them to a medical journal for the big bucks!Actually, Blake thought you looked a lot like Lilo, on Lilo and Stitch. I didn't even know he knew who that was! Anyway, the thing I love about you, is that it doesn't matter which picture I look at the genuine article is always shining through. I am proud to be the sis of someone so beautiful!!! (major suck up points I know, but true.)

Brigitte said...

That is crazy! So weird that the docs couldn't explain it.... (have you been snortin something you shouldn't have?... j/k) Have you ever seen House? That's who you needed - Doctor House to figure out what was going on. I'm so glad you posted those pics though - they are pretty freaky!

katie terry said...

isn't it so funny...well, maybe not but...interesting? the way that your face changes so much because of one type of change?!?
my front tooth is a fake and when it got loose and came out, it was amazing and embarassing just different and odd i looked!
sorry but ofcourse you are back to your gorgeous self :)

Emily K said...

You make a lovely Klingon, but I am glad you are back to your regular beautiful self. Crazy stuff, this happened to my sister a few years ago, but her WHOLE face puffed up about double in size.

Ashley said...

Wow, I am so curious what that was from. That is the craziest thing I have ever seen, I am glad everything is back to normal!

Alison said...

Ouch! It looked like it hurt! Glad things are better for you and you are back to your normal beautiful self!

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

You're right, it does look the same! I just remember the pain. *shudder* It was awful!

So, so glad it didn't last too long and everything is back to normal! Yea!

It's makes me appreciate the days I can wear make-up.