Girls Camp!

I love the outdoors, so when the Bishop called me to be the camp director I think I surprised him with a clap, a bounce and a squeal. I was so excited. This year our family made crazy plans to be gone the 2 weeks before camp. And with only 1 day of prep before we left I was a little worried. I know I made our YW pres (and BFF) nervous. BUT it was a FABULOUS camp. There was not one fight, or a major injury. We ate well, played hard and even felt the spirit once or twice. The theme was 'There's no place like home' from the wizard of oz. Each ward had to choose a character. We chose the main character Dorothy. I think in an earlier post I posted our cute ruby slippers....I was so excited for everyone to wear their lovely ruby red slippers. We wore them to our first devotional and I thought my feet were going to spontaneously com bust! The sun was attracted to the glitter and heated them up so fast and so hot. Those who used enormous amounts of glue and glitter (Aleyce..) got sores because there was no give.... or maybe it wasn't just the enormous amount of glue, socks would have helped. :) needless to say, we didn't wear them again. When I got home I realized I had not taken hardly any pictures. I have no photographic proof of the toilet papering, the weather rock makeover, monkey hostages, munchkin stealing, the bright red moon on one of our mid night 'hikes', the Stake Camp Directors "skit"(what is an umbilicus?), the angry presWitch of the East (north? 33rd? whatever) and so much more so here are a few random pics from our 'WICKED' fun girls camp.
So here we have Amy moaning right after her ever so graceful tumble down the hill, giving her a spectacular bruise. (What is that crazy Asian doing in the background? Seriously!)100 yards or more of zip line. We waited 2 days to go on this thing. It was quite the contraption. But it was worth the wait. Down the road was this enormous swing at least two stories high with two swings that could fit at least 4 maybe 6 people. It creaked just like you would hear in a horror movie. Above: Red Hot Chicks of the 28th ward. We definitely had the most spirit:) Funny side note, even though we were the ward to pull off ALMOST all the pranks (We did not string the bra up on the flag pole!) We were given the bag of lollipops award for being the sweetest ward in camp (he he he).
I know I already posted pics of the rock wall where I beat the lighter quicker BYU fan Alisa to the top (twice), so instead of putting those pictures on again I thought I would put some of our cute girls and leaders up. Below (l-r) McKenzie, Emily, and her mom Aleyce and far below Brianna. They were all so brave and strong! Good job girls!

Okay, Okay, so I am not as humble as I think I am. Here it is again, the ute kickin the cougs little tail up the wall. I had to post it twice sine I beat her twice:) Yup! Eat you heart out BYU fans this is what November 22nd is going to look like, start you whining now......

We were so lucky to have a concert while at camp (I love a fantastic outdoor setting for live music) and I will be the first to admit, I was so NOT into this idea when it was presented. A band at rough out girls camp? what are they thinking? So strange? BUT I ate my words, and it was a pretty good time. Kambree even got the cute guitar/bongo player's number....

The skits, you either love em or hate em. I really wanted every girl to feel included and for the skit to be entertaining and fun. Our girls did a great job putting this one together. (BTW, this post is mostly for the girls enjoyment I know some videos are just too long).

So on to planning next years camp. No stake to do it for me, so I can vacation and then just show up. No other ward to play pranks on. Hmm? Any ideas? Suggestions?


Tara said...

How fun! I wish I could've tagged along as your personal camp assistant to the assistant:) I'm loving the big utah/byu trash talking already, way to show that lightweight up! Too bad about the ruby slippers, I thought it was such a cute idea, good to know though for future flipflops! Good job pulling off such a fun camp, you are amazing- well, if you would've had the bras on the flagpole I'd call you amazing, so we'll stick with fantastic:)

The Richhart Family said...

Oh Sara, thanks so much for posting camp. I so wish I was there. I loved the skit and my girls had a blast. If-n-you ever need a new assistant don't ask the bishop just ask me!

snakeriverwalton said...

I loved this post except for that very unflattering picture of me. Too bad we didn't take a picture of the bruise!

Ali Jones said...

I found your blog. This is so cute. Check mine out