Run baby, Run

We have been running ALL summer long, so this post is a little out dated. Every year the coaches have to pick a physical goal to meet during the summer, last year Jays, was to run a 1/2 marathon in under 1hr and 38 minutes (I think?)... This year it was a 1/2 marathon again in some ridiculous time again, BUT this year not being pregnant, I was able to train with him. Training started out pretty rocky but I finally was able to enjoy running with him, Something I have always wanted to do with him. We signed up for the Teton Dam 1/2 marathon and ran it together. He was so nice to keep me hydrated and keep me going. I am afraid we didn't meet the goal of getting me under 1:50, but I improved my time from the last race by six minutes. I am so glad we did it and hope to keep this race on our annual list of runs. I was so excited to see a roommate from ricks, Janeese. She has got the cutest (and the most active) kids. I love the stories from her blog. One day maybe we will be neighbors in Rexburg.
Emily and I ran the Wasatch Back Ragnar Relay the week after. It was the most fun and the hardest run I have EVER participated in. 7000 crazy people who run 3 times in 2 days to get from Logan to Park City. I was so impressed with the ability to put something like this together. All the effort that goes into making sure this race goes smooth...insane. My favorite parts were 1. The midnight run under a full moon listening to my ipod, trying not to think about what to do if some animal jumped out at me. 2. the feeling of finishing the 3rd and final run. 3. running with my sister and best friend. 4. Walking into the high school where you had to step over 25 people because they could go any farther. Then falling dead asleep for 2 hours in a room full of snoring people. I have never slept so hard. 5. Being able to say I did it and wanting to do it again.....
This weekend Josie, Emily and I are going to run the top of utah 1/2. I love that we have something we can all do together. I hope we can keep running for a long, long time!
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snakeriverwalton said...

I wish I could use some of your motivation.

Jme said...

Hey, Jenifer is running the top of Utah 1/2 too! You'll have to keep an eye out for her and Jessica who is going to watch Jen's little girl. Maybe I'll do it next year. I'm not feeling the 1/2 marathons just yet.

katie terry said...

such an accomplishment and it says alot about you :)

way to go!

Brigitte said...

hey we got your text about wednesday night and we would love to come! Is there anything I can bring? Also can you email me your address please.



Ashley said...

Im so sad I couldnt make it, I hope to do it next year. I am doing the Zeitgeist half on Nov. 1st in Boise, and then am planning on St. George, can't wait!