The Great Show On Earth! by Ashtyn

Friday night I went to the circus with my cousin aunt and uncle. It was amazing!!!

They did this thing that they took this huge metal ball and some motorcycles and they went around and around and around they started with 4 then 5 then 7. WOW!! It was sooo cool!

They even brought out tigers! They were so awesome because they jumped around on chairs when the trainer told them to. It was so cool!

The end was the best. They brought out the elephants they were so funny!!
A girl even rode one. I loved it.


katie t said...

i can honestly say that i have never been to "the real live" circus.

does the "old school" lehi circus count????


Brigitte said...

Ashtyn - I love your posts! That's so cool you are blogging. What a great way to keep a journal!

Sara - Way to 'expose' your sweet little one to the filth of the internet. Nice one. ;)

Well, I love your new blog look! :)

Emily Oman said...

Ashtyn, I am so glad you got to come with us, we had so much fun! Kennedy can't stop talking about the elephant's pooping in the bucket ;)