Ashtyn's trip to kennecott

last week end I stayed whith my friend Rachel it was so fun! Wale I was there I went to kennecott it was so cool! I saw the consintrater ( it crashis rocks ) I went whith the waltons and Rylee Richhart. Me Rylee and Rachel had so much fun! We saw how the consintrater crashis the rocks. It was a great igspreins.

This is Rylee,Rachel,Jared and me geting redy to go on the tore.

This how fast the consintrater spins.What it does is it has poyte things that crashis the metel.

Heres me! We had to were safty glassis and headphones or ear plugs case it was so loud.

I am so glad I went becase I loved it!


Lindsey said...

OH. MY. GOSH. These have to be the best blog posts ever!!!

Ashtyn you are the cutest!!

snakeriverwalton said...

This is my MOST FAVORITE blog post of ALL TIME!!!!!! Loved going with you Ashtyn.

Mikyla Maroo said...

WOW! Ashtyn your an amazing blogger! Sara, thanks SO much for my treat! I loved it and babysitting your kids was a blast. Since my old blog was deleted I made a new one its www.mikylaarrington.blogspot.com come check it out... everyones doing it. Haha BTW your new layout is adorable!