Week 3 = 3-0

107 meetings, 11 straight wins, 12th oldest rivalry in the country..... There are a few stats for ya. :) I love when we play utah state in Logan. 10 years ago I went to my first football game there. Jay was starting his first game as a player for Utah. My parents, Emily, Ben, his wife Emily and Jessica were all there. I think Dad was trying to do more crowd control than watch the game, leave it to the principal in him to worry more about the crowd than the game. I arrived at Ben and Emily's house without the tickets and had to drive 45 minutes back to SLC to get then and barely make it to the stadium to run in and see the kickoff. Jay got hurt in the first quarter and I had no idea what we were getting into. Fast forward ten years and I am still trying to get to the stadium in time for kickoff.... I went up to Emily's house friday night and hung out with her for the weekend. I love going to games with Emily, I don't think I watch 1 full series, but enjoyed laughing and talking with her. And of course with our herd of kids (mostly all mine) one of us is taking someone to the bathroom.

I love the drive up the canyon, it is so beautiful with the leaves changing colors and the air so crisp. Can you tell how fast we were going, trying to make it there (before half time...oops!)

If you look at Jacob close you can see his grandma was so nice and gave him a chocolate covered carmel apple.....I did not take nearly enough wipes....
Alayna and Kennedy went to give Swoop knuckles. Alayna made it but when Kennedy realized who/what they were going to see, she burst into tears of fear and made a bee line up the stadium steps to find her mom.
After the game, Jacob became fascinated with the headphones of the on field commentator Sharif Shaw. He told Jacob to forget football, sports announcing is where the money is...
This pic is the perfect dipiction of our life....Jay coaching the camera operator, Jacob trying to get down and find something to get into, Me corraling the girls, Alayna using her face to show us how she is feeling (so ready to be home) Ashtyn and her sweet smile.


katie terry said...

utah state? come on...that's a guaranteed win!
byu 50 ucla 0...now that a true win! hehehe

like i've said a million times...you are the best wife/mom!

ps I LOVE YOUR HAIR...you are lookin good girl
pss what do i have to do to get you to invite me/girls to the utah-byu game??? i will pay you but really that would be such a fun night for all of us! i will even pay for the babysitter!!!
(and if it's not possible...i still love you and your hair :)

snakeriverwalton said...

Grandmas always come up with the best treats.

timber skye said...

ok...so i LOVE your blog!!! "is byu really necessary?" hahahaha! you're a funny one mrs. hill! can't wait to see yall at the next home game! GOOOOOO UTES!!!!


Your little family is so cute. Are you really surviving football season?! What a gal! So I went VT at your house. How weird was that. I kept waiting for you to run down the stairs, or to see your mom at the piano. It just wasn't the same....Miss ya.

Brigitte said...

Love your description of the last photo. There are definitely certain family poses in our household that are standard.

So I had no idea how much time the football coaches spent working! You really are a football widow! I read your last post to Jayson and we got talking about how hard that must be for both of you. I admire you so much! And especially taking the kids to Island Park by yourself! Maybe your kids are really good traveling in the car, but Andi and Mack are horrible. There's no way I could do that by myself. You are superwoman Sara.

Oh, and I love the football picture in your side column. "Big deal! We beat them too!" Yea, but was it 59-0? And you sure didn't beat Wyoming 44-0. But I'm glad you guys are undefeated. (ANd you know why I'm glad about that...)