When I married Jay, I thought there could only be one athlete in the family, so I did not try out for the soccer team. There may have been a little bit of fear that I wouldn't make it as well, but the point is, I have always felt a little regret for not trying. So when one of the gals I visit teach told me about her soccer team I was all over it. It was a ton of fun, I love everyone of my teammates. There are 3 seasons to county soccer, spring, summer and fall. We won the league in the spring. Some things I learned from this;1.I still can play 2.Even with 3 kids and no husband to rely on I can still do things/activities for me. 4.I love to slide tackle 5. My ankles are not as strong as they used to be. 6.It is good for my kids to see me participating in a sport. 7.My kids are the best cheerleaders and supporters.

So above is our team, minus a few. This was the final night we had just lost our game in the finals to the same team we lost to in the summer. BUMMER. BUT look out come spring.
There was 1 week of craziness when Ashtyn, Alayna and I all had a game or practice. Ashtyn's soccer ended just as Alayna's started so it didn't last long. Here is Alayna in her first game. I love that these pics portray her as actually playing. Most of the game she is running off the field to tell me something, watching everyone else chase the ball or crying because she didn't make the goal. When we play together in the yard I am amazed with he ball handling skills but we just need to get her to use them when she is playing.

The football season's schedule has worked out that Jay was able to slip away for a few of her games. It is fun to see him coaching his 4 year old who is so far from the 19 year old athlete he is used to. He does a good job of switching hats.


Emily Oman said...

I love it! Too bad Kennedy and Alayna can't be on the same team, or you and me for that matter. I don't really know that much about soccer so I think I will stick to dodgeball. I love the last pic of Alayna, it shows her personality ;)

snakeriverwalton said...

She's a natural.