When 911 took place, I could not wait for the prophetic counsel and messages of peace that general conference would bring. Ever since there is such a feeling of comfort I get every 6 months from listening to such great messages. This time was no different I was so ready for General Conference. About a month ago I checked and was so excited to see Jay had a Thursday game this weekend which gave him ALL of saturday off. We are at the half way point of the football season and I have been on the brink of insanity. I don't know if it is 3 kids or maybe it is just the craziness of our schedule but it is about all I can take this year. So this weekend with Jay home for ALMOST 45 straight hours, throw in some inspiring talks, I feel like a new woman.

Friday Jay got home and we all jumped into the car to go to dinner and the Lehi High School football game (even when he has time off he is still recruiting or something...) Luckily we only had to stay for the first half. The kids were not thrilled about going to another game BUT Ashtyn was able to catch up with her 1st crush. When we were living in Lehi, there was a cute little boy, Ryan Christofferson. He would come over with his parents to visit and on one particular time he and Ashtyn were writing notes on the magna doodle. One of the things he wrote was " You are beautiful". After they left that night, She told me about their notes. I have never seen anyone so twitterpated in my life. She floated for at least 2 weeks. She wondered when we moved if she would ever see him again....(Ashtyn had just turn 5 years old when we moved). She would talk about him regularly....Fast forward a few years to Friday night at the LHS football game and there he is, much much taller than before and Ashtyn was twitterpated all over. He has been brought up many times in conversations (by Ashtyn) this weekend. So even if the game was boring (Jay on the sideline talking to Dave Fox the WHOLE time, while I walked the kids around and around). Ashtyn left with a little bounce in her step. When we got home Jay helped to put kids to sleep and we watched an ENTIRE movie together, uninterrupted. That was just the beginning. We got up the next morning and made breakfast together, listened to conference went to Alayna's soccer game in the rain, jay watched football, the kids and took a nap while I played in the garage (something I haven't been able to do for MONTHS) more conference AND swimming. When Jay returned from priesthood, he helped put kids to sleep again and we went to the basement to watch another movie together. Once again uninterrupted. Sunday we once again enjoyed our morning in bed. We went to the Waltons for a FABULOUS lunch. (I wish I could eat at her house for every meal) When it was time for Jay to go back to work at 4:30. I was bummed but my 'well' has been filled. It was so nice to have him around. It gets hard, but like all the seasons, they change too. I am glad Jay has a job he loves and that is ever changing. I can make it through the rest of the season now. Lets keep those W's coming.


snakeriverwalton said...

love the picture of alayna! I'm glad you liked the soup- it gave Ryan gas-- too many onions. What else is new?

Brigitte said...

I'm glad you got to spend some quality time with your hubby. What a crazy time of year for you and your family! You are quite the trooper!

timberly skye said...