Ashtyns Recitals

Ashtyn loves to dance and does a very good job performing. The first one is at the 5:30 Show and we were a little far away. The second was at the 7:30 show and we were a little too close. The last one is their cute little finale. You can't see Ashtyn in the finale but she is behind the little munchkins with the hats. MCE does a great job. Costumes and song selections are always so fun. Although he always says Ashtyn is his favorite to watch Jay doesn't mind sitting through the hour long recital.

Ashtyn also had her first piano recital. She started lessons in September and has learned very quickly. She does a good job of practicing. I never have to remind her. She gets up every morning and practices before she goes to school. I love her diligence and desire to play. Her teacher, Heather works at a care center near by and comes to our house for lessons. The recital was for the residents at her care center. I love in her second and third song there was a toothless old man singing the words.

She had a bit of nervousness her first song but was over it by her second and third.


snakeriverwalton said...

that talented girl!

erica said...

She did such a great job! Reminds me of recitals that Em and I would do as young kiddos!