I am thankful for....

I am thankful for....

A house made of stone, stucco, wood and drywall. Because a house like this .......

might just melt away if the sun gets to hot or if it rains. And then there are those days when you really need a treat and you are kicking yourself for not slipping that package of oreos into your cart....It would be unfortunate but after picking one gumdrop here and a chocolate chip there, I am sure I would just cave in and eat a hole right through the wall of my house. Yes, I am very thankful for my HOME.

The "Willow Brook" tradition of gingerbread houses continued and they turned out SOOOO cute. Stay tuned for Jessica's picture tutorial on the art of concentration and execution of these beautiful creations.(Got that Emily K?)

Education. I am so glad I have an education and that my children have the same opportunity to get an education. Even if it is not at East High (GO WILDCATS!) They will each get an opportunity to play ball, sing and dance making their own High School Musical. (I just hope it is more HSM and not so much Grease?)

Oh these cousins were so cute running from window to window squealing and screaming at every peak. They may have thought that even though it was Thanksgiving day and filming wrapped months ago, there was a chance, just a chance they might see Troy or Gabriella. I love Reese's air guitar. You taught him well Benji.

The Perfect Husband. I know that is quite the title, but as my mom put it...."We were so worried about who could handle Sara's .... um ... uuhh ... UNIQUE personality....." AND he loves every unique part of me. He is perfect. This is our Troy and Gabriella pose. (We fit the parts, He is athletic and I have brown hair...see? perfect.)

Family. I love my family. I am so glad to know that our family is eternal. I don't know what I would do with out my brother or my two sisters. They truly are my best friends. I have wonderful parents who have taught me so much. I am glad that I can continue to learn from them and love them.

So here is a plug for our FABULOUS photographer Peter Loosli. He was so patient with our family and he does great work. I was very impressed. You can see more Kern pics on his blog by clicking here Or you can visit his website by clicking here

AND under the category of family I especially am thankful for my Sisters and Sister in law. I love them so much. Each one makes me feel like I am their best friend.

A healthy body. Although there are days when this body creaks, cracks or gets a little softer:( I am so thankful it still can get me from point A to point B.
This was the first of what will hopefully be an annual TURKEY TROT. Thanksgiving morning 6k (why 6? I have no idea) I was so glad that not only us sisters ran, but cuz Heidi came along.

This was the most support any of us have EVER had. It was so fun to have so many there.

Leftovers. Emily's yummy pomegranate jam. First time I have wished my tongue could extend 9 inches just to finish it off. We had such wonderful food. I am so thankful for all the good cooks in my family!

Cars. I am so thankful to not have to use a horse as my ONLY mode of transportation. I love to ride and take care of them when uncle Paul asks, or anyone actually. BUT taking one through the drive thru would just be ridiculous. AND in the winter? I haven't seen any heated saddles down at the Tack Store.

Giddy 'up, here I am warming up ol Indy. Getting him ready for the kids. I even put my cowgirl boots on. What a good horse.
Many have seen all the 1st and 2nd place 4-H ribbons that have been displayed but Josie didn't know, and I am sure many don't know, but I came in 8th place at the regional horse bowl 4-H competition. I even got a plaque. It must have just been covered up by all the other ribbons.

It is funny how after you get off a horse, you just start talking a little slower and with a bit of a drawl...

There is no smile more pure than the one on a child riding a horse.

I have so many things to be grateful for. I am truly blessed. I hope my children can find as much satisfaction in their own lives as I have found in mine. I want nothing more.

The key to having it all, is believing you already do.


Wendy said...

Great Blog! What a fun T-day. I mentioned this on Amy's blog too. I am thankful for friends that blog so I can get a glimpse of their life when I have a minute in mine to log on!

Tam said...

This is a great post. I love your last quote. I totally agree! I am also one that believes if you fake it long enough, you'll eventually become what you want (I do that through each of my pregnancies. I pretend to like it and eventually i think I actually believe myself). Kudos girl!

snakeriverwalton said...

Tell Emily to get her pomegranate jam recipe on the food blog- that sounds divine! You look great on a horse!

erica said...

Your gingerbread houses look great and oh-so-yummy!! They wouldn't last one day in my house! Also, I loved seeing the picture of your family... it sure has grown since back in the days of Fair Lane! :)

Hillary said...

It looks like you guys had such a great Thanksgiving. I really missed my family this year, we spent it with friends (the next best thing) You looks great Sara! I have to tell you we were cheering on the Utes and it was all we could do not to rub it in all the members of our ward's faces they are ALL BYU fans so Joel made sure he wore his red tie and black pants to church.

Frehner Family said...

Sara...this is gonna sound a little weird to say the least. But I was reading a friends blog, Tami Dickamore, and I came across your blog. Now, you looked so familiar but I couldn't place ya. So after quite a long time I managed to muster up having worked with you at the SugarHouse Olive Garden back in the day. THEN, I found we have another mutual friend, Amy Walton, who we were great friends with when we lived in Salt Lake. Anyway. Funny story I think. Small world. You look great and have a beautiful family. Take care.
-Ammie Frehner

Brigitte said...

Those pictures turned out so cute! I'm impressed that your huge group picture turned out so good! It's pretty hard to get that many kids looking in the same direction and smiling too.

And I didn't know the horses were close to your house?! That is so cool. I would love to set something up so my kids could ride them - or at least stand really close to em so I could take a picture. haha. Since the picture is so important and all.

Heather Bergsjo said...

Eveything has been so busy lately and I've been meaning to tell you that your family picures are so cute! I love the one on your header. I also like the big group shot of all your family. They turned out so good.

Sarah said...

Your pics are so cute. Hey I need your address for Christmas cards, you can email it to me at sarahcgarner@gmail.com. I have misplaced your number and email, that is why I didn't get you called why we were in slc. Hope you get this soon!