Ashtyn turned nine on January 24th. I love to celebrate birthdays. My mom always made my birthday so special and I hope to do the same for each of my children. This year she did the party planning and chose to go to Cookie Cutters. The girls got their hair and nails done, danced and sang karaoke. I think they had a lot of fun. Ashtyn has been able to make friends with some sweet little girls.

As a tribute to my beautiful NINE year old daughter, here are NINE things I love about Ashtyn.

9. She got her dad's even temper. There is not much that can get this girl to loose it. Even with a little sister and brother who can find anyone's buttons. She is so loving and patient. Always willing to help look after them. Even at nine years old She has wonderful tricks up her sleeve to distract and entertain all kids.

8. She is has the most beautiful long straight blond hair of anyone I know. I love to do her hair. It is perfectly straight but will hold a curl all day long. I was so happy to see her generosity in donating it to locks of love and coming out of the salon chair with just a few inches creating a short a line bob. Even though it was a shock she never complained and has waited patiently for it to grow out again, reminding herself someone has her hair as a wig.

7. She loves to read. Anything and everything. The newspaper (sports page and Sunday funnies) to the scriptures. The things she reads and retains is amazing. One day in church she heard a story and said "Hey I just read about that last night" and then proceeded to tell me the story from the Bible. I about fell off the pew, then decided I needed to read the scriptures more, just to keep up. I love to hear her library stories of how she chose her next book. I especially love that she reads to Alayna everyday. I believe Alayna will be just as good of a reader because of Ashtyn's example. She has taught her to love reading

6. I love that I know just about everything she is thinking, (because I thought the same things at her age). We have very similar ideas and thoughts. I love to finish her sentences or answer her guess whats (because almost always I get them right)

5. I enjoy watching her develop her talents. Ashtyn is a wonderful dancer and is able to learn steps quickly. She has also learned to play the piano. I remember falling asleep to my mom playing the piano every night. I am so thrilled to hear Ashtyn playing every morning at 7am. I can't wait for her to get better and better and love listening to every minute. Growing up you could get out of just about anything if you were going to play or practice the piano. She may not know it now but I would let her skip the dishes to play the piano. I hope to hear more and more twinkling keys in the future.

4. I am glad she is little. Not for any other reason than that is how she was made. She does not like to be called 'bubba gump' (bubba gump shrimp, cause she's short) so I try to refrain. BUT there is more heart, love and compassion inside that makes anyone who has met her, know she has a giant spirit.

3. I am so happy that we had 4 years and 4 months to get to know each other and become friends before any other siblings came along. She was my little pal who would come to work with me on occasion. We shopped together, we played together, we laughed together. It was a very special time where I truly enjoyed every minute and now cherish those memories. Now with a few extras it a little harder to find that one on one time.

2. Ashtyn can make friends and conversation with ANYone. Age 0 - 110. One day while at the pool she visited with a mom she knew from school for about 20 minutes. I know she did not get her conversation skills from me. It is very easy for her to talk to just about anyone. Many people have told me how pleasant she is to talk to. I agree.

1. Ashtyn can do anything. She is very diligent in the goals she sets for herself. If you tell her she should do something, she will do it. When she started piano in Sept. she was told to practice 30 minutes every weekday. She gets up on her own, sets the timer and will practice her 30 minutes. She is supposed to read every night for 20 minutes, and she does. If she has been asked to do it, she will. If she gets frustrated, she just keeps working on it until she gets it. That is why she can golf and I can't. She reminds us about FHE, she doesn't forget achievement days, every night she sets her clothes out for the next day. I rarely have to remind her to do her jobs or homework. I am glad she has been my little girl for 9 years. I have learned so much from her.


Emily Oman said...

I got teary eyed reading this! Happy Birthday Ashtyn, I am so glad you are my neice. You are such a wonderful girl!

Tam said...

Wow - she sounds like an awesome kid! I cant believe it was 9 years ago that you had her. Man, the time flys by!

snakeriverwalton said...

We love her too. i love the 9 things idea. Good job.

Tara said...

she is such a cute little girl! i loved her dance videos...she definately knows how to shake it:) happy birthday ashtyn!

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday Ashtyn! I can't believe you are already 9! I remember when your mom was expecting you. I asked her to squeeze into a bridesmaid dress for my wedding, and like a best friend, she did it! She looked beautiful, and now what a beautiful girl you have become! Like mother, like daughter!

Brigitte said...

What a sweet tribute! Even though I have only met Ashtyn a few times I can recognize a lot of things from your list. She IS very easy to talk to and fun to be around. I thought it was so cute that when all the cousins were in the living room talking she was there instead of playing upstairs with the other kids. And she totally followed along in the conversation and added relative stories. Not very many kids her age are like that - she is very mature.

Plus she's a babe. :) You have done a great job as a mom Sara. I really admire you and it's obvious Ashtyn is just following your example in so many things. You are definitely diligent and confident in your capabilities. Not very many moms would take it upon themselves to build shelves and a laundry shoot in their "spare" time.

Anyways... long comment but I really loved this post. :)

Lindsey said...

I can't believe Ashtyn is 9 !?!? I will always remember when she was about 4 and we were at a Champions Dinner at the Meyers house and one of the other little kids said something kind of naughty and Ashtyn turns to me and says, "Heavenly Father doesn't like it when we talk like that". Such a sweet little soul. I'm glad she had a fun birthday!!