Word of the Year 2009

It is a strange thing, this blogging world. I have enjoyed reading and posting for the past year. I am quite suprised that I kept up with it as well as I have. I am going to give myself a pat on the back for completing a years worth of entries, something I have NEVER accomplished. BUT with that said, I need a change. A way to keep things fresh. Looking at blog after blog many this January have chosen a word for the year. My BFF Amy was the original W.O.T.Y. poster for me. To see her word click here. So just as I jumped on the blog bandwagon, I am going to jump on the word of the year band wagon. With this word I hope to get a different perspective and have a new challenge for each entry. In search of a word, I was inspired by the ones I had seen on other blogs, Invite, Grow, Beauty, Love and many more, but none of them were quite the right fit. I would pick a word and let it marinade in my mind for a day or two and the one that stuck was NURTURE. As a mother I am supposed to nurture (something that is not always nature for me) As a wife I need to nurture my husband. I need to nurture myself. The word is defined as a verb - To feed and protect. Support and encourage. To bring up, train, educate. All things I can improve on.

As for my blog, I am going to nurture it. My mom wrote a post back in October that crept back into my mind. As a young mother she had asked my brother, who at the time could not write, what he wanted to her to write in his journal. He started "Dear Children," (to read the full post click here.) This year I hope to keep that salutation in mind. Dear Children, what do I want you to know, remember, cherish?
Here's to the NEW YEAR


Wendy said...

I love your word!

snakeriverwalton said...

I love your word too. And I love having you on all the wagons that I'm on, it makes it so much more fun. I read your moms blog post and it was very inspiring.

Brigitte said...

I love your thoughts on nurturing the blog. I have wanted to quit blogging so many times but I remember reading my moms journal and I loved hearing how I was as a kid. I hope my kids will enjoy reading my blog someday. I've done so much better at keeping the blog than I've ever done with a journal!

And I love your word for the year. I've got a word for this year too... but i need to blog about it. It's kind of a neat way to remember your goals.

Linzy said...

Wow Sara. That is poetry.