Memory Monday


Although they can be cheesy, I love the categorical blogging days, Friday Favorite or Funny Friday, Thankful Thursday, Tribute Tuesday, Wordless Wednesday. So here's to MEMORY MONDAY

I met Jay hitch hiking.....
Somewhere around October or November of 1996 My BFF Sarah came to visit me at College. I was so excited to have her there. I don't think she was there for more than a weekend but we sure packed it in.

This was the weekend Jay and I met. It must have been the first night Sarah got there. We had just looked up a friend (Cathrine) and were on our way to a basketball game when we realized we didn't have our tickets. Although it was only 4 blocks to our Apt it was freezing cold and we wanted a ride. So we stuck out our thumbs to hitch a ride. I don't remember if it was the first car to pass or not but when the green blazer slowed down we opened the door and jumped in before they could say anything. Once we were in the car we explained how the tickets were left at our pine view apt. They too were on their way to the game and offered to take us to our apt. On the way they introduced themselves as Pete and Jay, both claiming to be on the football team. I of course thought I knew most of the players and was like yeah, uh huh, water boys? Both of them were not sure what to make of being called that. I wish I could have recorded the conversation between Pete and Jay as they waited for us to get our tickets and return to the car. (I later found out that Pete had to talk Jay into me over Sarah, claiming he had seen me around campus before. AND of course not the first time I was second to Sarah, such a beautiful friend)

When we finally returned to the car and arrived at the HART for the game we gave a quick but gracious thank-you and went separate ways. After the game we went to Ami and Angi's to make plans. As we walked into the crowded apt. Pete (who was hot on the tails of Angi) became agitated we didn't recognize them from his good Samaritan deed of driving us to the game. I think we even said "should we know you?" Jay didn't say much, if anything and of course we were more interested in the "party"

The rest of the weekend was immortalized into the deans book as the group of 20+ who went to play cards and watch movies at a cabin in Island Park. (I still am wondering HOW the group that went all got together. Big Rick, little Rick, they were friends, but then Josh G and Chris from the Basket ball team? and then who invited Phil? Seriously!)

As far a Jay and I, a few days later, Jimmy called to hang out. I had just returned from the gym and said give me 15 minutes to shower. Thinking it was just the "boys" from his apt I did nothing to get ready. I got out of the shower and put sweats on and with wet hair went to hang out. Jay had asked Jimmy if we knew each other and set the whole thing up. I believe that was the night we shaved their legs and I got my first glimpse at the "pals" tattoo.

First impressions....??

question of the day
How did YOU meet your spouse?


Sarah said...

We really need to have a burn fest for some of these old pics you keep finding with me in them! Those days seem so long ago! If we could only go back for a day or two?! Such good times! You two are such a perfect couple!

Lindsey said...

I love that! So funny, and so cute!

I can't believe that picture of you and Jay...you seriously look like you're both 17!

Tam said...

What a cute idea! Nothing exciting with Tony and I ... we met in HS. Although neither of us paid much attention to the other until we had a weight lifting class together. Somewhere between the stench of stale sweat and grunting boys we hit it off! Good times!

Jill said...

Oooooooh the memories! I love that you brought up the cabin incident! I still have pictures of us in front of the deans office sign just before heading up to talk to the dean for our weekly visit! SO funny to think about now! AND...I love your and Jay's "story!" I loved you two together at Ricks and I love you two together even more now! P.S. Did you see the pictures Janeese posted on facebook?!...YIKES...talk about memories!:)

Richard, Angi and Fam said...

Oh so cute!!!! We all had the best memories of that place!! I wanna go back!! HEHEHEHEI love that pic of you and Jay , too cute! You guys are such a cute couple!!! Have so much fun dancing tonight wish we could come!!!

Brigitte said...

I never knew you met hitchhiking?!?! INSANE! What a cute story though. Makes for a great post too. :)

Oh and I LOVE your picture from college... I totally remember you looking like that, bangs and all. ;) Hot momma!

Hillary said...

LOVE the picture! You guys look so young, not that you still don't but just younger. I miss you guys and loved the story you guys are such a cute couple. Love ya

snakeriverwalton said...

have you forgotten about this blog?